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1.8 (A)
$164,888 spacer Up
$15,700 /yr 25.6km/L 134 bhp E-CVT (A)
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Price updated 22-Oct-2021

Toyota Prius+ Hybrid
3.5 stars - based on 8 reviews
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Car Review - Toyota Prius+ Hybrid 1.8 (A)
If you like the idea of the Prius Hybrid but require more space, then the Prius+ - Toyota's seven-seater petrol-electric hybrid - may just be the car for you.
Prius+ is still relevant in 2021
This is my 3rd Toyota Hybrid. Once again, it has proven to be practical for busy family man who does not have time for breakdowns and mechanical surprises. It has superior fuel efficiency that many competitors hybrid are not able to come close. The car is engineered for ultimate fuel efficiency, if you are looking for something fast this car may not be suitable - Consider Cupra Ateca? The vehicle is able to cruise comfortably 0 to ~76km/h in EV mode. No learning of any hyper-milling technique is required. Drive as it should, your reward is everytime you visit the pump station with the amazing fuel economy. Who cares about fuel hike when driving a Toyota Hybrid? 2nd row has 3 independently adjustable seats that fit 3 adults easily. 3rd row is 50/50 foldable for occasion weekend family outing All seats have thick cushion, they are supportive, reclinable and good for long distance ride.
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Most sensible choice
Reliable, fuel economical, spacious. Will definitely recommend this car. Although it has a twist beam, it rides decently. Engine feels ok when stepped hard in power mode. Better refinement compared to 3 cylinder petrols found in the 216i. Space wise is tied with the touran as the most spacious in segment. The others lack headroom and legroom in the 3rd row.
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Most affordable family MPV
I booked my car in October 2018 and took delivery on January 2019. Overall purchasing experience was great, had two time test driving and found pick up was bit slag but as a family car I didn't put high priority on that. I have already clocked 3K Km running and found it is keeping its promises that were shown during sales phase. In city ride it is giving always 15+km/L. More spacious for all adults in first and second row. Third row I am using for kids and my kids enjoying it. Sound proofing could have been better. Smooth riding if you are not a sports drive fan.
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Best Toyota car I've owned
Was looking around for a SUV but eventually settle for a MPV for the practicality. Never thought of considering a hybrid as the cost used to be quite on the high side, but recently it's just make sense to own one due to escalating petrol price. The Toyota salesman was quick to point out the high OMV and Parf of this car, and the time of my enquires they were having a car export promo at 109k. That's compute to a depreciation of <10k . I test drive and book it on the same day. It has been 1 weeks since I got this car and I must say it's really feels good driving a Toyota Prius , it's super quiet and I have no doubts it's saving me petrol. I'm light footed driver so I have no issue with not having turbo charged power , for a family car this is just right for me .
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