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Trans Eurokars (Mazda)
66036118 / 63958888
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(launched 2018)

spacer Predecessor Mazda 6 Sedan (2013-2018)
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spacer spacer Submodel Price Depreciation  Fuel Economy Power Transmission Detailed Info
2.0 Executive (A)
$185,888 spacer spacer
$17,700 /yr 14.7km/L 162 bhp 6-speed (A) SKYACTIV-DRIVE
Specs | Features 
2.0 Luxury (A)  New Variant
$190,888 spacer spacer
- 14.7km/L 162 bhp 6-speed (A) SKYACTIV-DRIVE
Specs | Features 

Price updated 01-Jun-2023

Mazda 6 Sedan
4 stars - based on 27 reviews
Photos & Reviews
Facelift - Mazda6 2.5 Luxury (A)
A new and rather comprehensive set of improvements has made the Mazda6 a much more premium and refined package than ever before.
Facelift (What's New)
Redesigned exterior with new front grille and sleeker headlights and tail lamps
Larger 8.0-inch infotainment system
Ventilated front seats and electric glass sunroof
2.5-litre engine produces 192bhp and 258Nm of torque, and features cylinder deactivation technology
Comparison - Honda Accord vs Mazda6 vs Toyota Camry
27 Consumer Reviews

Great 2L car to own for someone looking to drive a more luxurious car `
Have driven this car for more than 3 months after purchasing it new from Mazda. Will highly recommend it to someone looking to drive their first 2L Cat B COE and does not want to spend a bomb. Additionally, a 3 year free servicing was included in the purchase. Every 6 months just bring to dealership and get it tuned up for free instead of spending a few hundred dollars with third party dealership each time. The price point of this car compared with other 2L cars such as Passat and Camry is lower. Also, in terms of performance I will rate it as comparable.
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The One car to have in your lifw `
Was deciding the trusted Camry and m6 and decided on the latter after test drives. I bought the mz6 during the first few months when Covid hit and have never looked back since then. Besides the side mirror issues, krok krok which is easily rectified during servicing, the drive has been really pleasing. Hard to explain but it just feels 'shiok' . No coilover ,all stock except for wheel n rim change but you can feel the car grip on the road . Give it a test drive !
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The best D segment car i had ever owned `
The trim quality is as good as Conti car. Although they are using a Torque converter but not an issue, as it pairs with a Dual clutch, shifting is as fast & it feels very tighted but without any juddering wont lose to a DSG! Daily drive i can say its pretty fun. FC is Good 50% highway 50% urban can get u a legit 14km/L +. I got a Executive trim, so it comes with a Adaptive LED headlight & full BOSE speaker. Having to stop at the traffic light u will feel minmal vibration from the engine dashboard due to the car come with a deactivation cylinder, the engine would just keep running but just using 2 Cylinder instead of 4 to reduce the engine knocking & even cruising on highway the techology will kick in. despite having a car that are 4.8m long or is even longer then alot of D segment car, handling was extremely good never had any bodyroll when i drove it, to my suprise the width of the car is even wider then Camry, toyota harrier and many mpv in the market. Adaptive LED when approaching car the Headlight would auto turn away, as well as u turn your steering wheel while driving, the headlight would adjust left & right according without missing any dark corners. Legroom is very spacious at the back, seat is well angled and it comes with memory seat, best part its nappa leather. Walkaway lock & the car would lock when u carry heavy stuff, all u need to do is to walk away with the keys on ur pocket, it will lock and the mirror will auto fold, i tried throwing the keys inside the car and lock the car from the outside it wont lock, unlike some cars especially when u have babies and toddlers, u will know when your keys is inside the car with the toddlers and it auto locked.
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A Stylish 6 `
First of all, i would like to write this review to praise "Trans Eurokars Mazda Singapore" For their service, i bought a 2020 model M6 Executive in the used market (don't get me wrong, i mean Mazda 6), which is under warranty, encountered "Tok" Noise coming from under carriage every morning while i drove it to down slop from my car park, feedback to the supervisor during servicing and i being inform that the stabilizer having issue but they have shortage of parts (on that piriod) and they will call me once it arrive.. Yes they called to fix appointment with me to get the problem fixed and it solved, very efficiency and responsible for their service.. Interior : Superb quality built, soft touch everywhere, leather from front to back, well insulate. 11 speakers Bose sound system produce good quality of sounds need no spending extra to upgrade. Space wise and leg room it rather small compare to my previous Sonata Viii, Chrysler 300c, Lexus GS300 and Cefiro 2.3 although it has a huge length. On The Road : Good handling, road noise acceptable, smooth gear change and powerful enough, most important is i don't need pay high road tax and also to feed that thirsty engine for that 3.5 v6, 3.0 v6 and 2.3v6 but of course I'll be missed the v6 engine roar... Engine & Fuel Consumption : Not a quiet machine when it cold start, after that will be ok. Consumption average 9.5l/100km (mostly city ran). Conclusion : All along Mazda was given me a bad reputation of it qualities regarding the engine (i was a former Mechanic 1984-2000), i was hesitate before i purchase, but few years back i bought a used Mazda Biante for my wife, till then no trouble at all so i decided to get myself a M6, very satisfy and no regrets with it (beside the leg room). Get in my ass, I feel myself younger by 10 years each time i driving it, but i have to come back to reality when i off my ass to this lovely car..
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