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2.0 Executive (A)
$159,800 spacer Up
$13,900 /yr 17.2km/L 170bhp 10-speed (A) Direct Shift CVT
Specs | Features 
2.0 Luxury (A)
$169,800 spacer Up
$14,700 /yr 17.2km/L 170bhp 10-speed (A) Direct Shift CVT
Specs | Features 

Price updated 20-Feb-2020

Lexus UX 200
3 stars - based on 3 reviews
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Car Review - Lexus UX 200 2.0 Luxury (A)
15 Mar 2019  |  Lexus Reviews
It may be late to the game, but the Lexus UX impresses with its stylish design, luxurious cabin, and delightfully comfortable and smooth drive.
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Jaguar E-PACE 2.0 S (200PS) vs Lexus UX 2.0 Luxury
Another Lexus model living to its name  
When parked side by side with the NX, I thought it was a sedan. It does not look big and tall like any suv. Exterior styling is pretty good. Interior is where it shines. Good comfortable seats, looks of soft cushions in used, put your arm on the rear center arm rest, you can feel the soft cushions when your arm rest on it. Nice dashboard, albeit some of the parts would make it look odd, like the stub stick on the top left dashboard that is used to change the display mode. The 10.2 inch screen offers crisp and sharp image, better than any other cars. Too bad it's not touch screen. The touch pad will take some getting used to, however I like the radio and volume control pad, just rest your left hand on it and use your thumb and index finger to shift thru the channels and volumn, have never seen this in other cars. Drive is pretty decent and quiet in my view. Power is pretty good consider that it drops not offer a 200hp output, but with a cvt gb, there is a limit to its performance no matter the engine power. Cvt gb is pretty smooth and slick.
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No bang for the buck  
168k for the luxury then only you get memory seats and turn signals are not even LEDs. Korea, Japan variant gives you FULL LEDs as standard. Here, even luxury model doesn't have it nor does the hybrid. Boot is the tiniest I've seen. Not sure what you could put in there... Maybe, just the front wheel of a mountain bike! Rear space if you are 1.75 to 1.8 then good luck. Aircon vents doens't even have metal trim to make it look posh. Aircon vents in the rear look like 80s taxi. Ride quality is fine but sound proofing is horrible. Buy this only for the badge otherwise, you're better off getting a Honda CR-V 1.5 Turbo. Tons of space, lower in price, option of 5 seats or 7 seats, FULL LEDs exterior lights and lower road tax.
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