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(launched 2018)

spacer Predecessor Mercedes-Benz A-Class (2013-2018)
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spacer spacer Submodel Price Depreciation  Fuel Economy Power Transmission Detailed Info
A180 Progressive (A)
$149,888 spacer Down
- 16.9km/L 134bhp 7G-DCT (A)
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A200 Progressive (A)
$164,888 spacer spacer
- 17.9km/L 161bhp 7G-DCT (A)
Specs | Features 
A200 AMG Line (A)
$169,888 spacer spacer
$15,100 /yr 17.9km/L 161bhp 7G-DCT (A)
Specs | Features 
A250 AMG Line (A)
$186,888 spacer spacer
- 15.4km/L 221bhp 7G-DCT (A)
Specs | Features 
A35 AMG 4MATIC (A)  New Variant
$223,888 spacer spacer
- 13.5km/L 302bhp 7G-DCT (A) AMG SPEEDSHIFT
Specs | Features 
A45 S AMG 4MATIC+ (A)  New Variant
$298,888 spacer spacer
- 11.2km/L 416bhp 8G-DCT (A) AMG SPEEDSHIFT
Specs | Features 

Price updated 13-Oct-2020

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Hatchback
4 stars - based on 4 reviews
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Overall a good ride  
Impressive interior with huge dual 10.25 display. Nothing come close. Decent pickup and responsive handling. Steering might feel light for some though. Very high-tech car (lane assist, MBUX) which can be annoying at times. It comes with a lot of options which you don't get from the highest end model from C&C. There ae many external WS that is able to service and maintain this car. No point getting from the AD:)
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MBUX can be a hit or miss  
The new A class hatchback has the awe defining MBUX system which at times has the wow factor otherwise you just want to strangle it. It comes on whenever “Mercedes“ Is being mentioned, whether you intended for it or not. Simple commands such as increasing the fan speed, too hot or too cold, opening the roller sun blinds, telling you the weather and date is fine, but if you’Re looking for the advertised function of picking a song from your playlist according to your mood, you either have to try very hard or give up trying. Able to change to as much as 64 different internal colour schemes for the car is definitely eye popping - brings out the internal beng in all of us! The premium plus version comes with the multi link suspension which enables the car to roll over bumps and humps without giving you or your passengers a jolt. The car’S lowered suspension can be a pain sometimes going down MSCPs, slopes or looking out for high kerbs. Steering feels a bit light and the car doesn’T corner as well as it should be given that it sits so low. Engine is definitely very loud, given that Mercedes included a bassy sounding engine note with the 1.3L car. Lane/brake assist can be useful or annoying - signaling is a must to change lanes at above 60km/h speeds, and the car can suddenly brake even if it detects a low flying bird. Sensors are also very sensitive, especially when you’Re the first car at a crowded pedestrian junction, the sensors will just keep beeping as people cross all around you. Gear changes are smooth for upshifts but when downshifting the car tends to lag and this results in the car being stuck in the wrong gear for a lengthy period of time. This was sorted out in the recent transmission and ECU update. The car also needs a complete stop before you can engage reverse gear, sometimes you have to brake again in order to engage reverse gear. At high speeds the car is very smooth, doesn’T feel that it’S gasping for air, pickup is also very swift especially in the sports mode. Overall a very good looking car that serves well for city drives and the occasional road trip (over long distances rear passengers may feel uncomfortable due to the lack of thigh support). If you’Re looking for a premium hatchback with the Mercedes badge, this would be it.
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