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The BMW 3 Series blasts through history

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(launched 2019)

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318i Sport (A)  New Variant
$199,888 spacer spacer
- 15.9km/L 154bhp 8-speed (A) Steptronic
Specs | Features 
320i Luxury (A)
$217,888 spacer spacer
$18,900 /yr 15.9km/L 181bhp 8-speed (A) Steptronic
Specs | Features 
320i M Sport (A)
$226,888 spacer spacer
$19,700 /yr 15.9km/L 181bhp 8-speed (A) Steptronic
Specs | Features 

Price updated 26-Nov-2020

BMW 3 Series Sedan
3.5 stars - based on 5 reviews
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Car Review - BMW 3 Series Sedan 330i M Sport (A)
23 Mar 2019  |  BMW Reviews
It has grown larger, more premium and has more safety tech than before but the BMW 3 Series continues to be a driver's car that will put a smile on your face.
This review is for 318i  
The 3 series is always a popular choice among local car buyers. I was privileged to test drive the latest 318i recently. It has a 4-cylinder 2-litre engine, but output is only 150+ horses. On the road, you don't feel that it's slow, but it's not fast either. Why would anyone pay 2-litre road tax to get such a small power output? It seems that BMW is trying to make a model for every conceivable niche in the market. Unfortunately, this model does not impress me. Yes, it has some useful technologies installed, but it did not give me a feel of luxury nor superb handling. At best, it feels like a Japanese model such as Honda Civic. Noise and road insulation could have been improved. The price/performance ratio is also not enticing.
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The 2020 Gadetory 318i  
Went by BMW to test drive the new 318i about 2 weeks ago. First looks is a curvy and sleeker body shape sedan, looking slightly larger than its predecessor. Inside, its a nicely flushed interior with correctly placed console and buttons. It comes with great intuitive features whereby you do not have to keep track of the car status anymore, as with IoT technology, the car will send back information, telling you when its due for servicing and even what fault it has to go back. The drive is good move off, at comfort mode, its like other conti brands, smooth and non-pushy ride which you sure to enjoy the drive. Changing to SPORTS mode, the steering stiffens but no change in dampers (perhaps only M series), the gear ratios changes almost as immediate and surprisingly, the "Roaring" Is quiet which insulation is done pretty well unless you missed hearing the roar. Parking comes with FULL auto where you do not even need to control braking or gear shifts, the moment you engage the park mode and a lot is found, engage REVERSE and thats it, the car gauges itself into the lot for you with absolute no interference at all. Overall, its a great car to drive if you willing to part around $200k (as of Oct 2020) to it and you are an avid BMW fan. But for another top up, you might wanna look at the new 5 series instead with outmost luxury on top of the great drive.
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