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Eurokars Auto
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(launched 2019)

spacer Predecessor BMW 3 Series Sedan (2012-2019)
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318i Sport (A)
$264,888 spacer Down
$24,000 /yr 17.2km/L 154 bhp 8-speed (A) Steptronic
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Price updated 08-Dec-2022

BMW 3 Series Sedan
4 stars - based on 9 reviews
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Car Review - BMW 3 Series Sedan 318i Sport (A)
For buyers in the market for a 3 Series, the 318i is a no brainer - well equipped, sweet driving and close to complete.
What We Dislike
M Sport model looks much better
Competitors are cheaper
9 Consumer Reviews

Great drive so far `
Had this car for 1.5 months and am loving it! The handling is great and the B48 engine has a lot of potential even though it is undertuned & suppressed for the 318i, it is surprising responsive on the foot. I never thought i would buy a BMW as i had never been a fan and an ex-owner of the other 2 German brands but was impress by the looks of the current model when i first saw it as compared to the earlier models and was sold after a test drive. Go try!
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Superb handling and looks `
The sound insulation is top notch, the only noise is mainly from road surface from the RFT. Driving at higher speed feels exactly the same as normal cruising speed so there's a real need ti pay attention to the speedometer, but this demonstrates how stable and good the the ride is. Just too bad it does not have HUD as standard which will definitely help with speed monitoring. Handling is superb at high speed as long as you know what you're doing. Being the entry 318i, the engine is expectedly down tuned to differentiate from its next sibling, the 320i.. But at 52k price difference, it's a no competition. Engine is not the perkiest as a result but still very sufficient for daily driver and spirited driving at times. Wireless CarPlay is seamless and works every time as expected, digital key with iPhone allows me to leave the key fob behind. The wireless charging is barely functional, it only keeps the battery % From falling if CarPlay is used.. Thankfully there's USB-C ports available for fast charging when required.. Driver assistance system is good but could be better since the Japanese counterparts are starting to have all these as standard.
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My first BMW and I am loving it `
In the past, I never looked at BMW becos seriously it doesn't feel remotely luxury to me. The new 3 series changed my mind, the sporty outside and nice interior attracts me. It was also a time i feel like trying our rear-wheel drive, because I heard that BMW rear-wheel drive, 50/50 body weight and the hp+Torgue = power 8.4 was quite acceptable for me for now.
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Segment Leader G20 3 Series `
Upgrading from the previous generation F30 LCI. Collected the car on 29 Dec and have been driving it for the past 1.5 weeks. This new G20 3 Series has improved leaps and bounds in especially in the interior and build quality. Doors close with a much better solid thud and better use of materials to prevent damage from our hot weather. The award winning B48 engine is so much smoother than the B38 engine from the previous gen F30 LCI. Power delivery is linear and performance on tap. The chassis has also been stiffened for greater control round corners. The specifications for the 318i are high, coming with the live professional cockpit including safety systems such as lane departure warning and blindspot assist which weren't even available on the previous generation F30. My biggest gribe is PML not giving us consumers a choice of m sport trim for the model. As most people who want to buy a BMW enjoy a more sporty exterior and interior and woulnd't mind topping up a few extra thousand to get what they really like. However, that being said as much as the car has both its pros and cons. To me this is the best in class for the compact executive sedan and gives the best blend of comfort and handling which is unrivalled when compared to its competition.
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