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(launched 2019)

spacer Predecessor Mazda 3 Sedan (2014-2019)
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spacer spacer Submodel Price Depreciation  Fuel Economy Power Transmission Detailed Info
1.5 Classic (A)
$89,888 spacer spacer
$8,400 /yr 18.1km/L 118bhp 6-speed (A)
Specs | Features 
1.5 Elegance (A)
$96,888 spacer spacer
$8,900 /yr 18.1km/L 118bhp 6-speed (A)
Specs | Features 
1.5 Astina (A)
$103,888 spacer spacer
$9,500 /yr 18.1km/L 118bhp 6-speed (A)
Specs | Features 

Price updated 06-Aug-2020

Mazda 3 Sedan Mild Hybrid
3.5 stars - based on 10 reviews
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Car Review - Mazda 3 Sedan Mild Hybrid 1.5 Astina (A)
12 Jul 2019  |  Mazda Reviews
If you are looking for a well-built, stylishly-designed, generously-equipped and comfortably refined compact family sedan, the Mazda3 promises to delight.
Seeing is better than owning 1  
I have been driving Mazda 3 2020 model since Jul 2019 and indeed, let me emphasise that Mazda 3 won the best "DESIGN" Award only. Other than that any Mazda 3 before this model is actually better is reliability. Let me share my experience, I am at the 13K mileage mark right now and i am facing quite a number of issue since i got hold of this car. 1) Strong petrol smell after each pump - went back twice for this and the smell will come back occasionally. 2) A black dot showing on the infotainment system after 10K mile checks and went back again then they are going to ship from Japan. 3) Door glass start to show signs of faulty after winding down the door glass will have a loud "Knock" Sound. 4) Over-reacting jam brake by the system if deem there is an object in front of the car. (There is a recall for this.)
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Sleek, Stable & Safe  
Gotten my Mazda 3 Elegance last year Dec and it has been a good almost 3 months with it already and I felt that it's the right time to write a review on this car already. Gotten the Signature Mazda Machine Grey and did not regret the color choice; One of the best grey in the market I feel. For the exterior, for someone that likes the design, even though it does not have distinct lines edges like the recent other brand model cars, it still a very beautiful car that doesn't lose out. For interior wise, I feel it is the right balance of the amount of the analog and digital in the dashboard. As compared to the Mazda 6 interior, I personally feel that the one in 3 looks way much better. However, the screen is not a touchscreen one so it is much of a pity. Need some time to get used to just using those buttons and the knob to scroll your way through to the things u want to display. Interior size is a little smaller as compared to the other brand and model but it is not like extremely much smaller. Love how the front seats help to correct the posture when driving. A small yet thoughtful design in mind. Speaking of the engine, Singapore only carries the 1.5M-Hybrid which is a little pity as compared to the ones just across the bridge, they do offer a 2.0 version which I feel will be a much better engine for the heavier Mazda 3. However, it doesn't mean that the response and pick up for this is bad. Sometimes, you might exceed the speed limit without knowing cause the engine is just too smooth and quiet. (Only when climbing steep slopes and you are also on cruise control), you will see the engine rev up to 4.5K RPM that kind. Boot space is enormous, 3 Large size suitcase should fit with ease. To those that want to get the ASTINA version, it is a 10K step up from the Elegance and the following things are the ones that cost it: BOSE Sound System, Padder Shifter, Frameless Back Mirror, Driver Monitoring and also some other safety features. If you have the spare cash to go with, go-ahead, if not the Elegance will do the job quite well already. One last point for the Sedan is that the red interior seats are only available on the Hatchback which is quite a disappointment. If Mazda could do it for the sedan, I believe more will get this car even if it will require a top-up. Fuel Consumption at 12-13/l (80% Urban, 20% Highway)
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