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(launched 2019)

spacer Predecessor Mazda 3 Hatchback (2014-2019)
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spacer spacer Submodel Price Depreciation  Fuel Economy Power Transmission Detailed Info
1.5 Elegance (A)
$109,388 spacer spacer
$10,000 /yr 18.1km/L 118bhp 6-speed (A)
Specs | Features 
1.5 Astina (A)
$116,388 spacer spacer
$10,600 /yr 18.1km/L 118bhp 6-speed (A)
Specs | Features 

Price updated 24-Sep-2020

Mazda 3 Hatchback Mild Hybrid
4 stars - based on 4 reviews
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Car Review - Mazda 3 Hatchback Mild Hybrid 1.5 Astina (A)
30 Jul 2019  |  Mazda Reviews
The all new seventh generation Mazda3 Hatchback is undoubtedly the best-looking in its class, but does it drive as good as it looks?
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Mazda 3 Hatchback vs Seat Leon vs Volkswagen Golf
Sext hot hatch  
Mazda have outdone theirselves with the design of the Mazda 3 BP. The sexy look of the exterior along with the luxurious look of the interior makes most customers weak in their knees. The only problem here is the car price though. Making the Mz 3 a bit more expensive when compared to its Japanese counterparts.
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The sexiest 3 to date  
Test drove the 1.5 Elegance Model. Exterior Style The latest 4th gen looks more sleek and aggressive compared to the 3rd gen. Looks wise, the car really wows looking modern and sexy. The redesigned tail lights also give it a unconventional edgy looks. The butt of the car looks a bit glaring to my liking though. Interior Lots of modern day niceties and well padded cabin. Technology wise, it has about everything and even the radar control which is quite unique. For me who is 180cm, the car felt a bit cramp to me and rear passenger may feel cramp for the low headroom when entering the vehicle. The sunroof that can be opened does bring more light and airy feel to the slightly dark cabin which feel a bit cramp to me. The seats fit snugly and felt premium with the electric adjustments. The inclusion of the rear aircon vents also make this class more upmarket compared to Japanese rivals. Engine The 1.5 liter picks up decently and felt comparable to my 2008 Impreza 2.0 liter. Steering wheel felt responsive and nicely planted. Brakes wise the pedals seems mounted to the floor and lacks bite when u are tapping it lightly. You really need to depress it in to bring the vehicle to a stop. Tech This model has a lot of safety feature that felt premium but coming from a 0 tech car, I dont really appreciate those blind spot monitoring or lane assist which just annoying chines and alert you via the dashboard. The dials are modern and it can feel like a lot of info is presented to you which may distract driving. The HUD for speedometer is unique and premium though. No issues of it "Wobbling" When you drive. Good thing is those tech can be turned off too.
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