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Audi A4 2.0 TFSI S tronic Advanced (A) Facelift Review

Audi A4 Sedan Mild Hybrid 2.0 TFSI S tronic (A) Video Review

Audi A4 vs Jaguar XE vs Volvo S60

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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Apr 2024.
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(launched 2020, facelifted Jul-2020)

spacer Predecessor Audi A4 Sedan (2016-2020)
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2.0 TFSI S tronic Advanced (A)

Facelifted on Jul-2020

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$217,830 (Apr 2021) spacer
15.9km/L 188 bhp 7-speed (A) S tronic
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2.0 TFSI S tronic (A)

Facelifted on Jul-2020

$262,313 (Mar 2024) spacer
16.4km/L 148 bhp 7-speed (A) S tronic
Specs | Features 
Audi A4 Sedan Mild Hybrid
4 stars - based on 6 reviews
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Audi A4 vs Jaguar XE vs Volvo S60
Between the new Audi A4, the new Jaguar XE and the not-quite-as-new S60, which one is the compact executive sedan of choice?

The Audi A4 Sedan Mild Hybrid was facelifted on Aug 2020.
Read our review of the facelifted version.

Audi A4
Timeless, tried-and-tested design
Luxurious and functional cabin
Smooth and easy drive
Most economical engine
Jaguar XE
Athletic exterior design
Well-equipped interior
Overall sense of heft and weightiness will appeal to some drivers
Sharpest handling
Volvo S60
Bold and modern design
Spacious, modern and plush cabin
Smoothest and most refined engine
High levels of refinement and style
6 Consumer Reviews

Over-rated `
Cons - Exterior looks bland - lack premium car feel - Weird door handles that tilt up - just pure bad design what rubbish. - Driver left leg is always hitting the left side. - Interior looks and feels cheap - hard plastics abound - Gear lever feels uncomfortable to use - even new Avante feels better. Ergonomics designer should be sacked - Brakes are over-servoed. Feels powerful but difficult to modulate finely/smoothly. Brake pedal mounted too high vs accelerator pedal. Hard to switch from gas to brakes quickly. - Steering too light and devoid of feel. Similar in weight to latest Avante. - Signal stalk is placed too far from steering wheel - abit of stretch to activate. - High beam - very very dim.... Why... Audi.. - High speed wallow and float - even along Bukit Timah Road - old cars like Civic FD / CL7 feel more planted. - DSG hesitates when you floor from standstill - nothing - then boost & wheelspin & traction control.... An utter mess.... - Tons of turbo lag - engine doesn't pick up smoothly but instead has off boost on boost character - Strong understeer - somehow the nose just stubbornly pushes for a small light car. Just not very entertaining to drive.... Pros - Uber silent - v v v v little wind noise. 140kmh feels like 100kmh - Fuel economy - but did you buy an Audi for this?
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Glad I bought it before the COE climbed `
Looks subtle yet stylish enough. The drive is good and packs a punch when I need it. Comfortable and quiet at high speeds, the A4 is truly a joy to drive. Looking forward to more good years with it and glad I bought it before the COE climbed.
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5/5, upgrading from Altis `
Having owned the car for 6 months now, I love everything about it. But my standards were not high in the first place as I upgraded from an Altis. I enjoy my drives and when I want to kick it up a notch, I'll change it to sport mode. 😀
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Good but not Great `
Collected the car in July 2021 and have been driving it almost daily for 5 months. My trips are always short distances (~5km) city driving but still able to achieve ~11.2mk/l mileage. Exterior makes the car look big and the interior is sufficiently spacious. The finishing are all quality and the HU is very intuitive and smart. The front bumpers and grilles can be more aggressive. The rear makes the car look elegant. I also hope the engine was higher powered. But the current 150bhp is sufficient for daily driving, Will consider the MTM upgrade in the future.
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