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BMW 1 Series Hatchback 116i Luxury (A) Review

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BMW 1 Series Hatchback 118i M Sport (A) Video Review

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116i M Sport (A)
$209,888 spacer Up
$19,100 /yr 18.2km/L 107 bhp 7-speed (A) Steptronic DCT
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Price updated 18-Apr-2024

BMW 1 Series Hatchback
4 stars - based on 9 reviews
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BMW 1 Series Hatchback 116i Luxury (A) Review
A quality ride and plenty of safety features make the BMW 116i a convincing premium hatchback. But can you make do with just 107bhp?
What We Dislike
Needs more power
9 Consumer Reviews

Excellent ride and drive, beautiful interior, great features - what more can u a... `
Was considering the A3, A180 and 116 hatchback. Compared to the other 2, the 1 series was my choice because: Better drive and ride than A Class (A class rear sus is torsion beam) - the lower performance numbers doesn't translate to the drive experience but of course A3 has much higher output Better interior than A3 (A3 center gear "Tunnel" Looks budget compared to 1 series and A class) Lower depre than A3 and A class (A3 depre >$20k!) Cheaper than A3 and A180 Of course some of the above are my subjective opinion, YMMV. In the end, the design of the center gearbox "Tunnel" And high depre of the A3 was a deal breaker for me as was the A180's torsion beam rear suspension and the gear lever being mounted at the steering wheel (also MB is a bit too common/mass market for my liking). I also considered the A3 1.0 but the depre would still higher than the 1 series and it would lose the main advantage it had over the other 2 which is the engine output. My only doubt about the 116 was the engine output - although it felt alright during the test drive, I was unsure if it would leave me wanting in the long run. In the end I found a pre-own 118i and now I have my perfect car at just $15k depre :)
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Most Value Conti Car `
Overall really happy with the purchase, the features including in this entry level hatchback is rather amazing, with features like electronic seats, very elegantly designed MBUX and adjustable LED.
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Bmw 116i Rocks and superb car `
Have been driving BMW 116i Luxury for a month. This car is extremely awesome and wonderful to drive. It is packed with useful features such as blind spot indicator, good audio, auto parking, rear aircon are very cooling, walk away locked, interior lighting are nice and electric tailgate. Driving and handling of the car are great too expecially sport mode. Car take up very fast when at high speed. The interior built quality is fantastic with leather and soft touching surface throughout the cabin. Rear passenger space and boot space are spacious. Also in love with bmw apps which i can trace my vehicle and monitor my vehicle through bmw app. Will highly recommend bmw 116i to everyone who dream to own a BMW.
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Extremely Perfect Entry level German car `
- Technology is so advance - Fuel Efficiently - Quite spacious - Price is very reasonable as an entry level car - Ambience lighting and Audio are awesome
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