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(launched 2019)

spacer Predecessor BMW 1 Series Hatchback (2018-2019)
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spacer spacer Submodel Price Depreciation  Fuel Economy Power Transmission Detailed Info
118i Luxury (A)
$152,888 spacer Up
$13,400 /yr 16.9km/L 138bhp 7-speed (A) Steptronic DCT
Specs | Features 
118i M Sport (A)
$155,888 spacer Up
$13,600 /yr 16.9km/L 138bhp 7-speed (A) Steptronic DCT
Specs | Features 

Price updated 11-Sep-2020

BMW 1 Series Hatchback
3 stars - based on 2 reviews
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Car Review - BMW 1 Series Hatchback 118i M Sport (A)
22 Nov 2019  |  BMW Reviews
It may not look very pretty, but the new third generation BMW 1 Series delivers ample equipment, refinement and overall quality.
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BMW 1 Series vs Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Bmw 1 series  
My experience with the bmw authorized dealer is summarized as follows: You sell me a factory defect for $10k less and you as the 1st owner. Which car in SG is sold with the boot fully filled with water inside on collection day? And who will pay u over $150k only to see his/her bmw get transmission strip down all the way from rear axle to front axle on day 2 ownership? You need a month downtime to fix a loose shaft fault? And your bmw asia management disregard the matter thinking your agent can shoulder? You think u will get away after u offer a free shampoo wash? Go back and rethink your business values.
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Meant for small car lover  
Driven multiple affortable conti cars before (with each mileage ranging form 10k km to 100k km) - A-class, CLA, A3, 320i, X1, m140i, Astra, Insignia and Discovery Sport. Had also driven some Japanese cars. Owned this baby beemer for 3 years, clocked 100km, unmodded. Other than the normal servicing, there is no problem. Doors gave ratting sounds initially. When alone, this baby beemer provides drivers the usual bmw fun drive and stability. It is possible to do sharp turns at 60km/hr without drifting or losing control (not much body roll). At low mileage, when taking off at traffic light, this car feels slow and sluggish. After owning for a period of time, the car gets faster when moving off (at around 2000rpm), usually the first few cars, leaving the others behind. The steering is responsive, sharp and gives good feedback. All the above are driven in comfortable mode. Though most cars allow drivers to drive aggressively, not all cars are fun to drive. Driver seat is fairly comfortable but not the best in the same category. When with family, the car allows the driver to drive 'less fun', providing more comfort to passengers. The suspension absorbs well but not the best in small car category. Due to run flat, road noise are noticeable. The cabin is well isolated, however, when rev-ing with open windows, the rattling sound is noticeable. Breaking gives better control and less jerky than some of bmw competitors. The interior are more than sufficient for small families (inclusive of kids and elders). Able to put chicco nextfit child seat in rear seats with 2 more passengers in car (front passenger height ranges from 1.60+m to 1.70+m with sufficient legroom, knee not touching the glove compartment). The boot is adequate for small family. Had transported many DIY furniture's. Even though many sedans have 40:20:40 rear seats setup, this baby beemer has the additional height and height entrance for its boot. Fuel consumptions are pretty good, ranging from 14+km/l (80 city drive-20 highway) to 18+km/l (80 highway-20 city; Based on Google map). Tried once to kl, Malaysia, with fuel consumption of 20.5km/l. Competitive fuel cost. Driven a m140i on autobahn. Even though it is impressive to own a m140i in Singapore, having a 100% Down payment for non-m140i is quite impressive too.
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