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The MG ZS EV makes the case for electric living

The MG ZS EV is electric mobility for the masses

Why are electric cars so expensive in Singapore?

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(launched 2020)

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44.5kWh (A)
$116,888 spacer spacer
$11,400 /yr n/a 141bhp 1-speed (A)
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Price updated 18-Feb-2021

MG ZS Electric
4 stars - based on 1 reviews
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Car Review - MG ZS Electric 44.5kWh (A)
Reasonably capable, generally practical and certainly affordable, the new MG ZS EV is an all-electric compact SUV to consider.
Go try!  
I have had the car for 1.5 months. Being an EV it is a joy to drive. It's quiet, smooth (no gears to shift) and torque at any (legal) speed. Using the highest level of battery regen to slow down the car means I only use the friction brakes to come to a standstill. When driving with regen, slowly decrease the foot pressure on the accelerator. The regen will kick in and slow the car down. Yes it is made in China. Nothing has fallen off yet. Everything feels well screwed together. I only have one occasional rattle in the cabin, and it's from my cash card vibrating in the IU along rough roads. Lots of hard plastics in the interior but they feel ok to me. Because this car is one of the more affordable EVs. There are no interior lights at the rear (must be cost saving). The steering feel could be better and the suspension is not as well controlled as an XC40 (the only suv I can compare to) but it's comfortable around Singapore roads. I stay in HDB so am mainly relying on SP Power's network of rapid charges. There is 1 near where I stay with alternative sites slightly further away. Charging speed depends on the state of charge of the car. The lower the state of charge, the faster its initial charging speed. Starting from 20 to 70percent I have gotten between 46 to 48kwh. From 70 to 80percent it averages around 38kwh and drops to around 20kwh after that. I usually charge starting at 50percent and charging speed is around 36-38kwh to 80percent. YMMV. I have used SP chargers in 3 locations so far and they have been reliable. You will spend a bit more time charging as compared to pumping petrol. I have no problems with that and I treat it as my "Man cave" Time. You can turn the car on with aircon while the car is rapid charging. I have also used a few of the Greenlots (owned by Shell) destination chargers. Funan has 8 of them. BlueSG is the other charging option available but I have not tried. The car shows a range of 285km if charged to 100percent with aircon on and in normal mode. I do not plan to drive to Melaka or KL so this range is good enough. I usually only charge to 85percent. If you are curious about EVs, go test drive the car. If you stay in a flat, get the SP utilities and Greenlots app to check out charging options.
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