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MG HS 1.5 Standard (A) Review

MG HS 1.5 Turbo Exclusive (A) Review

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Eurokars EV Pte Ltd
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(launched 2020)

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1.5 Exclusive (A)
$164,888 spacer Down
$15,500 /yr 14.7km/L 160 bhp 7-speed (A) DCT
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Price updated 26-Feb-2024

4 stars - based on 22 reviews
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MG HS 1.5 Turbo Exclusive (A) Review
Reintroduced in the exact same form with a larger suite of safety systems, the MG HS's mixture of sensibility and value remains hard to beat at its price.
What We Dislike
Driver's assistance systems aren't the most intuitive nor sophisticated
Clunky transmission at low speeds
22 Consumer Reviews

Best Car for me `
I have my HS for about 3 years now. Absolutely love this car. Besides some software updates and a defective water reservoir for coolant, there are no other issues. It's safe, quiet and fast. Best value car I have owned so far.
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The best value car I have driven. `
I've own my HS for about 3 years now. Beside a defective water reservoir for the coolant and a few software updates, all is good. It's drive well and quiet. Plus it provide the overtaking power when needed.
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High On Features, Lacking in Drive `
Own the 2020 MG HS for about 2 months now. Regrets came in less than 1 month into owning the car. Headed to the service centre 2 times to address the same issues, with no improvements. (changes gearbox mountings, steering rack and reset/reprogram ECU) My 3rd SUV after a 2018 Forester and a 2016 Harrier. Sadly, this is 1 of the the worse car (including saloons, hatchback and vans) I have driven in the last 20 years. Why? Basically, for me to rate a car, only 2 major factors; 1. Driving experience (3/10) 2. Features (8/10) The MG HS scores super high on the features, which swayed my decision in getting this car (bad choice), without properly testing the on road experience. Coming from a Harrier, the comfort and drivability of the HS do not even comes close to 40% Of what the Harrier offers on the driving experience. Hard suspension, jerky transmission, delayed change in transmission, vibrations and occasional "Hang" Of the infotainment system. Frankly speaking, I love this car for the looks, features and the spacious interior, but am extremely disappointed with how the car drives. I spend a lot of time in the car travelling from point to point due to my work, and I never felt tired driving in my previous cars and always enjoy driving, but now, I just cannot wait to reach my destination and switch off the engine as the vibrations can really gets on you, physically and mentally. Right now, I am already starting to look for any good deal to change out of the MG HS. Unless something can be done to address the jerking transmission and horrific vibration, this is a car I will not be recommending. Plus: never trust whatever "Official" Reviews and awards. They are probably paid.
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The Best Kept Secret ... it delivers a new Orgasmic High! `
Its now mid 2023 and I hv been reading the MG HS reviews posted for the past few years before I decided on getting one. Overall the plus-es far weighs the minus-es. The key plus is the rather competitive price for the excellent value it deliver, as a reliable car which you can depend on for running around with your family and friends with little trouble. Love the luxury looking interior design and upholstery and the attractive exterior continental looking design (before the current facelift). The only thing I need getting used to is the DCT transmission. Given all the goodies that comes with it, it remains a big wonder why its not flying off the shelves .... Perhaps its cos its one of the best kept secrets in the motoring industry? 😀
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