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2.5 Elegance 7-Seater (A)
$167,888 spacer Up
$15,000 /yr 12.3km/L 192bhp 6-speed (A)
Specs | Features 
2.5 Luxury 7-Seater (A)
$172,888 spacer Up
$15,500 /yr 12.3km/L 192bhp 6-speed (A)
Specs | Features 
2.5 Luxury 6-Seater (A)
$176,888 spacer Up
$15,900 /yr 12.3km/L 192bhp 6-speed (A)
Specs | Features 

Price updated 22-Apr-2021

Mazda CX-8
4 stars - based on 5 reviews
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Car Review - Mazda CX-8 2.5 Luxury 6-Seater (A)
Mazda's SUV range offers a lot of European style with sensible Japanese values, and the new CX-8 further proves this with added space for six or seven seats.
A must try for anyone looking for a 7 seater SUV
Changed from an Odyssey to the CX8 and no regret 1.5 month into ownership. Great exterior design that I am sure will stand the test of time. Interior feels more premium than its Japanese counterparts and even the entry level Conti SUV. Chassis definitely feels more solid and cabin is much quieter than the Odyssey. 3rd row seats are better than most other 5+2 SUVs but still can't compare with those in MPV. Drive is very smooth and the 6 speed transmission is clever enough to know what exactly your right foot is trying to do. Engine power is sufficient. Ride comfort is pretty decent for a car in its class. Ventilated front seats Is a pity that it is not equipped with the latest infotainment system like those in the CX-30 and Mazda 3. The system in the CX 8 is slow to load at startup and resolution of the 8" Screen is average at best.
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Value-for-money 7 Seater SUV
Driven CX-8 for 2 months, my family and I are happy with it so far. It really is a value for money SUV for a family. Very comfortable ride, the power is sufficient, accelerates eagerly without any lag despite weighing 1.8 ton. FC average about 10.5km/l. Enjoyed the safety features and it improve the driving experience.
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A underappreciated Driver's car, Good for long distance driving and family outin...
Got a 6 Seater, Owned this car for 4 months, it is an excellent Driver's Car. Smooth, quiet and steady. Car looks beautiful especially at night
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CX-8 has almost everything I want and need!
I'm one of the first few owners of the CX-8 in Singapore and have been driving the CX-8 daily for almost 4 months now and have clocked 6.5k km mileage. I shortlisted the Mercedes GLB 200, Skoda Kodiaq and Mazda CX-8 but was leaning more towards the GLB 200 and even gave C&C a $10.7k cheque for "Express of interest". It took me less than 5 minutes to know that the GLB 200 was not for me due to the lack of space (it's still quite spacious but not spacious enough for 6-7 full adults) and the lack of features (everything needed to be added on and paid for, and it doesn't even have aircon vents at 2nd row). I watched a lot of CX-8 reviews from Malaysia, Thailand and Japan and I knew what I wanted - space, full safety specs, SUV, good handling and drive, and ideally 6 seaters like some MPVs. When TEK brought in the CX-8, I was relieved to know that they didn't bring in the 6 seater with centre console at the 2nd row as I really wanted the walkway to the 3rd row, just like MPVs. The CX-8 has exactly what I wanted - the MPV package in a SUV. I went for the test drive (full load 6 pax) right after the launch day and signed right on the spot. It has been a fun and engaging 4 months with my CX-8 and I look forward to driving my CX-8 everyday. I think Mazda is spot on for creating a car that does not have huge width but is long enough to have good amount of space in the car. This is exactly what we need in Singapore with the tight HDB carpark lots and shopping centres carpark lots. And oh, did I mention that the soul red crystal looks absolutely gorgeous on the CX-8?
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