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(launched 2020, facelifted Aug-2020)

spacer Predecessor Audi A5 Sportback (2017-2020)
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2.0 TFSI S tronic (A)
$210,240 spacer spacer
$18,800 /yr 15.6km/L 148bhp 7-speed (A) S tronic
Specs | Features 
2.0 TFSI qu S tronic S line (A)  New Variant

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$287,840 spacer spacer
- 14km/L 245bhp 7-speed (A) S tronic
Specs | Features 

Price updated 10-Apr-2021

Audi A5 Sportback Mild Hybrid
4.5 stars - based on 1 reviews
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Facelift - Audi A5 Sportback Mild Hybrid 2.0 TFSI qu S tronic S line (A)
A sleek exterior combines with quality handling and respectable practicality in the Audi A5 Sportback Quattro make it a great all-rounder.
Elegantly Muscular  
The A5 can be personified as a German Hyun Bin. Strikingly handsome, sporty looking, edgy and refined. Perhaps this is why Hyundai design seems ever so Audi-like these days. The sleek Sportback design alone is truly highly desirable - without having the need to put the badge on a pedestal just to impress in-laws. While the odd-moustached Bayerische creations and even the reverse-engineered Shimoyama shogun aimed for higher power outputs, the A5 kept to its humble & docile roots. Sure for competition's sake, there is the RS5 that feels like Til Schweiger stabbing a shark in a tornado. The A5 however, is a lot more demure and suited for our Southern Orient road cruises. In mild-hybrid livery, one nice feature in the A5 was how it kept cruise control properly enjoyable without any under-the-hood yodel or burble. While not quite as clean as the IS hybrid, the satisfaction and sharpness of a 7-speed on Swiss VES was a lot more invigorating than a tranquilizing CVT in the former. Perhaps that was why Lexus slapped the new IS300 with an 8-speed, effectively making it an upgraded Infiniti Q60. As the angry German car guy would say with a heavy accent: "Get it right!" Comfort in the A5 is also top notch. While not quite the E Class, it hits close with its multi-link suspensions. Every inch within touch is also of quality, density and doesn't feel like a sheepish Kia underneath a wolfskin BMW badge. The ride position is also lower - so there is less roll even when high on caffeine and having bouts of anxiety-fuelled driving. However, this would feel a little tight for bigger drivers even with the seats extended all the way back. With most makes opting for cheaper manufacturing locations, this one's still assembled alongside the R8, right in Neckarsulm. Little to disappoint. Lots to love.
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