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Nissan Kicks e-POWER Hybrid vs Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid

Nissan Kicks e-POWER Facelift Review

Nissan Kicks e-POWER Hybrid Premium Plus (A) Video Review

Mythbusted: Is high mileage always a con when it comes to buying used cars?

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Tan Chong Motor Sales
64797711 / 62667711
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(launched 2020, facelifted Jan-2023)

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spacer spacer Submodel Price Depreciation  Fuel Economy Power Transmission Detailed Info
Premium (A)
$168,800 spacer Down
$15,800 /yr 21.7km/L 127 bhp Single-speed reduction gear (A)
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Premium Plus (A)
$172,800 spacer Down
$16,100 /yr 21.7km/L 127 bhp Single-speed reduction gear (A)
Specs | Features 

Price updated 09-May-2024

Nissan Kicks e-POWER Hybrid
3.5 stars - based on 17 reviews
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Nissan Kicks e-POWER Hybrid vs Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid
The Toyota Yaris Cross is outrageously fuel efficient, but is it enough to stand it apart from the capable and highly practical Nissan Kicks e-POWER?

The Nissan Kicks e-POWER Hybrid was facelifted on Jan 2023.
Read our review of the facelifted version.

Nissan Kicks e-POWER
Cabin is more spacious and high-quality
More refined drivetrain
Simple yet handsome design
Toyota Yaris Cross
Bold, attention-grabbing design
More equipment and safety systems
Exceptional fuel efficiency
17 Consumer Reviews

Nissan kicks `
I have been driving a while this vehicle Nissan kicks. Fuel consumption still not bad. But Quite disappointed with the safety feature ICC and IEB. Have been going to the TAN Chong agent to ask for help so far that is NO clear answer from then given me very disappointed. I think they are product knowledge is very bad
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Easy driving in this little crossover `
The hybrid system in this Nissan e-POWER is the easiest way to get the instant torque of an electric vehicle, without any of the hassle of slow charging. But there's plenty more still to like about this crossover.
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Singapore street fighter `
E-power technology in a small crossover body. That's what you get in this Nissan Kicks so it should already have strong appeal for Singaporean buyers. Add in the fact that this is one of those hybrid where you don't really have to pay a high premium to save fuel and well...
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Smooth intro to electification `
Really great little crossover with quite a bit of shove! If you're looking for a crossover that's quiet and good for smooth, effortless long journeys, this is it.
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