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Premium (A)
$113,800 spacer Up
$10,800 /yr 21.7km/L 127bhp Single speed reduction gear (A)
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Premium Plus (A)
$115,800 spacer Up
$11,000 /yr 21.7km/L 127bhp Single speed reduction gear (A)
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Price updated 22-Apr-2021

Nissan Kicks e-POWER Hybrid
3.5 stars - based on 10 reviews
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Car Review - Nissan Kicks e-POWER Hybrid Premium Plus (A)
The Nissan Kicks e-POWER delivers new standards in ride quality and powertrain refinement to a market segment that is sorely lacking in either.
Comparison - Nissan Kicks e-POWER Hybrid vs Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid
Surprisingly good, but note that its less efficient than Toyota Hybrids
I dont like the way it looks, somehow it manages to look tall and narrower than it really is. Quite like a swift sport on stilts. The Yaris Cross looks so much bolder. Next is to get over the Made in Thailand stigma at this price point, when the Jazz Hybrid is fully made in Japan with far better build quality is almost $6K cheaper. But if you have the short man syndrome where you think sitting high means safety, then you only got this and the yaris cross hybrid to consider. Now that is made in Japan, almost the same price, but the unfortunately for the Yaris, the interior feels made in China. The drive however is really good. The first impressions hitting the first road bump is how supple and well damped it is, abit like memory foam. You dont get such feel from Japanese cars in the past. It must be Renault influence! The drive train is very smooth and torquey, feels like a 1.4turbo DSG accelerating. Even when the engine kicks in , its fairly quiet and at a low RPM. Much better than Yaris Cross in this respect. However, FC I understand is not as good as Yaris, online I see 16-17km/l as realistic. The test drive car had a 10.1km/l average in its computer. Interior quality is subpar, but there is some effort unlike the Yaris. Looks like it took a cheap interior and spruced it up with Nappa. Still it cant hide the rough edges and the hard plastics. Try cranking up the driver seat height up and down, you will not be able to do that without breaking the lever. And whats that wire in the rear view mirror tunnel ? The steering leather feels more suited for a Nissan Urvan, material, coarse and hard, leather really ? Interior space is soso, narrow car with decent leg room front and back. One queer trait I notice, the rear passenger bench has a slight offset. It is position more left, and you will notice when u sit behind, you do not sit directly behind the front seat. Because of the offset, the foot well feels smaller behind the driver seat than the passenger seat. The arm rest too is useless, its there, but you will hunch to use it. These are the queer traits that irritate. Overall, nice car to drive, nice damped, but not so nice pricing. I would choose this over a Yaris Cross, but at this px point, an Arona drives better at $10K cheaper and a Subaru XV is 1 class up and slightly cheaper. Do look at these as well!
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Really value for money car. Good family car to own.
Just got this car during week end. And now driving for 3 days. Did a city drive in Orchard, Raffles & Serangoon, managed to get 19.4 Km average in FC report. Easy to maneuver Specially in city roads. Did try a sharp turning, stable drive turning radius is really good compared to any other models in same class. Most important family really liked the drive in this car. I will really recommend this, if a 4 member family looking for a SUV type within a reasonable price. As a driver what I like is one pedal system, which really giving an easy and unstressed drive in Singapore roads.
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Most fuel $ friendly sprinting car I've owned.
This Serial-Hybrid employed in the Kicks is a great as it is driven by electric motor. Hence there is no engine heat in front of the driver, and the air conditioning system is so cold. The AC electric motor is so well tuned and it seemed to have some AI that learned the driver's driving habits, the more you drive, the more comfortable one feels.
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Stable and Robust and packs alot of torque
I told myself that I will post a review once I completed my first maintenance . So, here it is. My likes for this car outweigh my dislike totally. Quiet(most of the time), very responsive drive, torque on demand, overtaking is a non issue now! And best of all, the fuel savings as compared to my old ride's FC and the average monthly mileage I would cover, this car would be able to save me around 30% To 50% Of my monthly petrol cost and to add icing to the cake, it take Ron 92 fuel... Coming from a non tech car like the honda Jazz, this car truly kicks!
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