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Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class GLB200 Progressive 7-Seater (A) Review

Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class GLB200 Progressive 7-Seater (A) Video Review

Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class GLB35 AMG 4MATIC 7-Seater (A) Review

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Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class
4 stars - based on 8 reviews
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Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class GLB35 AMG 4MATIC 7-Seater (A) Review
With potent power, handsome purposeful styling and ample equipment, the GLB35 serves up a dose of family-friend excitement and occasional performance.
What We Dislike
Engine doesn't sound nice at high revs
Third row best left for kids only
8 Consumer Reviews

GLB 180 (C&C unit) review - 2 weeks after `
I got hold of the GLB180 (C&C) on 1st Nov 2023, and have been driving it for two weeks+. Compare with my previous ride SUV outlander (2015), X Trail (2018) and now the GLB. This is a marked class above, and compared with what is the available on the market at this price point, consider a value for money. (Honda Fit/Jaza is now $160k+) The ride is quite perky even though it is running on a 1.3L engine. The gear change can be better, as it takes time to shift the gear up from gear 1, it can be abit of hesitance when you drive out of the carpark. Ride is quite firm for me. Pick up and changing lane will no be any issue, you can choose between econ, comfort and sports. There are tons of features in the car, with their MBUX system, lots of upgrade you can do outside. Third row seat is really small, n good only for small adults of below 1.7m. In whole - I enjoy driving the GLB, and will recommend this ride for family man, who do not always need a +2 seats, it is a more fun ride, than the usual MPV.
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A stylish, efficient and spacious family car `
Driven the GLB180 Progressive from C&C for about 6 months and i have to say it's the most well rounded SUV in its class. One of the best things about the car is the sheer utility with a spacious interior coupled with a humongous boot when in 5 seater mode. Unfortunately the boot size is compromised heavily when the rear seats are folded up but that too is a benefit that the GLB has over its rivals being able to sit 2 additional (albeit small) people in the last row. Additionally, I would say it's styling is best compared to a brute in a suit with the grills in the front providing the perfect blend of aggression and class that suit a mercedes to the fullest. Let's not forget the stance of the car squating like a lion ready to attack it's prey. Must say the build quality too has been excellent with soft touch materials throughout the interior coupled with a really incredible attention to detail on the smallest of items such as the signature of gotteb daimler on the windscreen. Another positive i felt was the sheer customisability in the interior. My car is equipped with the fully automated memory seats and coupled with the driver profiles my father and I are able to set up and switch between profiles that set the car up precisely to our liking wether in may be the mirror position or something as simple as the ambient lighting colour. The drive too is smooth as you'd expect from a mercedes at highway speed. I must say my only gripe is that at low speed the gearbox does seem to be a bit clunky taking a while to change up especially in slopey areas but that too isn't too bad of a deal as it's still able to easily mount the hill at sheares bridge 🤣 Efficiency wise, coming from an A4 i expected to be visiting the fuel station a lot more often but pleasantly it's about the same giving me about 15km/l on most days although the figure does reduce to about 10km/l on inside roads Overall, I would say if you are looking for the perfect family car which is both efficient, spacious and makes the child inside u giggle with the multitude of tech and features this is the car for you!
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Excellent SUV option for large family `
Cycle and Carriage version, GLB180 Progressive. Comfortable and quiet ride. Great having 2 extra seats at 3rd row though only useful for kids and teenagers. Family absolutely loved it coming from a chunky MPV previously. Good for driving around turn and parking in right spaces.
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The Perfect Performance Family Car `
The Mercedes AMG GLB 35 is a unique car as there are no other such cars in its segments providing the perfect blend between family practicality and performance. The reason the GLB has been very popular in Singapore is because of its unique ability to seat 7 people while in the dimensions of a crossover. This GLB can be either specified with 5 or 7 seats. Although when all 7 seats are up the boot space might be underwhelming, when the last 2 seats are folded, you would be presented with around 570 litres of boot space, which is bigger than the similarly priced GLC 300. The room in the third row is too little for adults to sit for long, but with the adjustable second row, it can be adjusted for adults to sit there for a short 30-minute trip. It is best left for kids for longer journeys. The space in the second row is spacious and can hold 3 adults easily. The infotainment system is the same in the A and B classes, as such the experience is similar. It performs without any lag and the touchscreen is responsive. The engine is the same engine you would find in an A35, with 302 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. Although AMG enthusiasts might argue this engine is not a true blue AMG engine as it is not handbuilt and heavily turbocharged, the engine is very fun and punchy. The exhaust note is loud enough for you to ooh and ahh to, with occasional pops. The steering is very responsive with lots of feedback, which would be one thing expected from an AMG car. Ride quality is better than the normal GLB as the suspension is lowered to make the car height almost the same as an A-class and it comes with adaptive dampers to balance the sportier suspension. Although it cannot be compared with that of an E class, it does the job by soaking up bumps in the road very well. Body-roll is inevitable as it is a boxy-shaped car, but better than the normal GLB due to its lowered height. The styling makes the car look more ferocious with 20-inch AMG multispoke wheels and a Panamericana grille and black chrome around the car. It would definitely stand out from the crowd as an AMG due to the number of badges around the car. Overall the GLB 35 is the perfect balance for a family person who craves a sportier performance yet has to fulfill his or her family responsibilities in a family-friendly manner.
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