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(launched 2020)

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1.2 Standard (A)
$116,900 spacer Up
$11,600 /yr 24.2km/L 82 bhp CVT (A)
Specs | Features 
1.2 Standard Two-Tone (A)
$117,900 spacer Up
$11,700 /yr 24.2km/L 82 bhp CVT (A)
Specs | Features 

Price updated 07-May-2022

Suzuki Swift Mild Hybrid
4.5 stars - based on 4 reviews
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Car Review - Suzuki Swift Mild Hybrid 1.2 Standard Two-Tone (A)
With a mild-hybrid powertrain, the Swift now offers excellent efficiency while retaining its distinct fun-to-drive character.
What We Dislike
Road noise at highway speeds is rather intrusive
Damping is on the slightly stiffer side
Competent little everyday workhorse, new driver friendly
Been driving the new hybrid 1.2 swift for 4 months. Very easy to handle and suitable for first time drivers. The small size makes it easy to parallel park and have a small turning radius. Engine start/stop implemented very brilliantly. Engine cuts off discreetly during braking so that it's already off before car comes to complete stop and it is started up by ISG silently, without the irritating engine sputtering noise like some other conti cars. Very surprised that it comes with many modern safety features as standard, such as ADAS and 6 airbags. Collision avoidance will sound warning when it detects potential danger of crash and auto kick in to e-brake when crash is imminent. E-brake happened when I was too near the carpark barrier gantry and the car immediately braked on my behalf. Will be great if it comes with blind spot monitoring which some countries bundled in. Another useful feature is the auto headlights which turns on by itself when the sensor detects insufficient light. It also turns on automatically in low light indoor situation like carpark or underpass. Adaptive cruise control is very easy to use. Basically you just set a speed limit, car distance and just let the car follow behind another car. It will automatically adjust speed to keep distance and all you need to do is to steer and guard the brake pedal. The ISG assists with acceleration and at low speed it is pretty good, get instant power with light pedal work which made me almost forgot that it's a CVT transmission.
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One of the most fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicles I've owned.
I have been driving a Mini Cooper 3 doors (F56) for a few years. I recently purchased a Suzuki Swift Hybrid. Comparing the dimensions of the two cars, Suzuki Swift is wider and taller than Mini Cooper. When entering a rear seat of the Mini Cooper 3 doors, it can be a hassle. Suzuki Swift and Mini Cooper have similar interiors. A multi-information display cluster, D-shaped steering wheel, race-style paddle shifters, as well as the 7-inch display screen that is compatible with both IOS and Android.
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Pocket friendly little package of fun.
Picked the 2021 CM Swift Hybrid 1.2 as a replacement for my Honda Fit. After a month of driving and 2000 km, No regrets. The unit from the AD comes stuffed with a plethora of safety features and electronics, making this little nippy city runabout a naggy "Wife" If you're not paying attention. Imho though, better to have these features than not. Controls are driver centric and intuitive, making the daily commutes a joy. I can honestly say I look forward to the daily drives to and from work in this little car. FC is steady at 20km/l, pickup is perky given the low curb weight. Handling is typically that of a swift, stable and responsive in corners. The mild hybrid system does wonders at squeezing out FC. Build quality feels solid, space wise for the driver is adequate even for a 1.8+ 80+kg driver. Although the passenger behind the driver would be a tad squashed. It fits myself, the wife and the 2 year old in a child seat with stroller in the back and other bags and all comfortably. The interior is surprisingly large. If there is one grumble I have with the car, it would be the wind/road noise. The sound proofing is rather lacking, and on rougher patches of the highway, road noise above 80km/h can get very loud. As usual, Suzuki has delivered a driver's car. Fun to drive, economical to run. Will put a smile on your face.
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Good fuel consumption and handling, fun little hatchback!
Driven my friend's ZC31 Swift Sport before and liked the car's nimble and quick handling. Saw there's a new Swift in town so go and give it a try. This one isn't a Swift Sport, but rather the mild hybrid version, suppose to give very good fuel economy. Even though it is low powered, I find the acceleration is still OK for normal day to day driving. Maybe will be a little too slow for long rip on NSHW. Handling of the car is nice, good steering feel and easy to drive. And because it is auto, it is very easy to drive in city area also.
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