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(launched 2021, facelifted Dec-2023)

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$14,800 /yr 24.4km/L 114 bhp Single-speed reduction gear (A)
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Price updated 18-Apr-2024

Nissan Note e-POWER Hybrid
4 stars - based on 13 reviews
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Toyota Aqua Hybrid vs Nissan Note e-POWER

The Nissan Note e-POWER Hybrid was facelifted on Dec 2023.
Read our review of the facelifted version.

Aqua Hybrid
Class-leading fuel efficiency
More driver-friendly cockpit
Easy handling even for newbies
Less expensive
Note e-POWER
Keener drive
More torque, quicker response
Roomier backseat
More practical cabin
13 Consumer Reviews

A Zippy Note `
A Zippy Note Having driven this car for more than a year. Here are some thoughts to share. This is an easy car to drive, it's a decent choice among some of the cars in this segment and gets one from A to B in a fuss-free way. The interior is rather accommodating and will sit 3 passengers comfortably. It's easy to park and can move around in tight spaces with ease. The digital rear-view mirror also allows a better rear awareness. The 16-inch rims do give a firmer ride and the suspension can feel on the hard side, so road dips and bumps can rattle the driver up. On the city roads the engine turns on and off periodically, on the highway, the engine is turned on constantly, so it feels more ICE than hybrid. For its price point, the way it drives with torque and haste, its presents good value for money.
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Never regret getting the Nissan Note E-Power `
I have collected the Nissan Note E-Power back in January 2023. The design of the car is so much better compare to his competitor. This car equip with rearview mirror camera which help you a lot on rainy days or when there are passenger blocking the view. Electric parking brake, brake hold, lane assist, front & rear parking sensor etc all come as standard. It also come with Apple carplay & Android auto as standard unlike the Nissan Kicks which only come with Apple carplay. The seat is wrapped in premium nappa leather which keep the temperature cool compare to other material. This Nissan Note also come with latest generation E-Power drivetrain which is more quiet and fuel efficient. So what is E-Power? Many of us did not know what is E-power because Sgcarmart stated as "Hybrid". Nissan Note E-power is driven by an EV Powertrain. Therefore you will be getting instant torque and power when you step on the acceleration pedal. The 1.2l, 3-cylinder engine does not drive the car. It is there to act as a generator to charge the EV battery. The Note E-Power is very fuel efficient. I am getting average 24-28km/litre, Although Sgcarmart stated lesser which might be wrong information because other country stated 32km/litre on paper. I also drove the car up to KL Genting and I must say driving the nissan note e-power up and down the Genting hill was easy. It is definitely much better than driving traditional I.C.E Car. You won't feel lack for power going up and coming down the hill and the e-power also does regenerative braking and you won't be using the brake pedal most of the time. This Note come with 280nm torque. Even most entry level EV does not come with such toque. It does 0-100km in 7seconds range. Name me a few car in this segment and price range with this kind of performance. You will surprise many road users when you move off when the traffic light turn green. The only things I dislike was Carplay and Auto is wired. (But you can always purchase a wireless converter)
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An enticing all round hatch `
The Nissan Note-e Power brings Nissan's excellent hybrid system into a truly economical small hatch body. But is that enough to serve you on the daily commute?
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Comfortable, Exciting, Zippy. E-Power is unlike any other drivetrain at this pri... `
I have owned the Note E-Power for about a year now. Purchased it at about 110k back in Dec 2021. Exterior : Looks vastly different from the old Note. One of the smartest looking hatchbacks in its class. Looks much sleeker than the new Honda Fit. Very easy on the eyes, and it's generally a modern and good looking car. Interior : The nappa leather seats that come as standard are amazing. They feel very premium to the touch, and are very comfortable to sit on. Even the stitching has accents on the seats and also the steering wheel. The infotainment system is alright if you use Apple Carplay or Android Auto. Generally responsive and sharp. Dashboard looks a little bit dated. I wish that nissan would've just done a full digital display. Instead, you get a half digital display and a small analog display. The interior feels surprisingly spacious on the inside, and can comfortably seat 3 at the back even for slightly longer rides. We even drove up to KL with 5 pax and had no complaints. My only gripe is that there is no rear air con. Which I guess is given the price of this car, and how much car you are getting for the price. You can't have everything, i guess. Drive : This is the best thing about the Nissan Note. The E-Power drive train and One Pedal drive. If you take away some engine noise, this drives 100% Like an Electric vehicle. This means that the acceleration is smooth and linear, torque is instantly delivered, and acceleration feels so quick. This car is so zippy off the line, and even when overtaking. I think i've surprised some other drivers by how fast this car is off the line. We drove up north and it managed to get up to speed with no issues whatsover, and maintained this speed for awhile (150-160km/h). When the engine kicks in, I don't feel that it's as noisy as some have mentioned. It'll just start feeling and sounding like a normal ICE car. One pedal drive is also great, very easy to get used to. I've seen myself hitting 5km in regenerative breaking on drives that are 20km long, which saves you alot of petrol in the long run. Most of all, the car is crazily efficient. About 550km from $60 of Petrol. (Average 22km/l for a mix city/highway)
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