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(launched 2021, facelifted Nov-2021)

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M Sport Impressive 80 kWh (A)
$320,888 spacer Up
$30,400 /yr 5.2km/kWh 282 bhp Single-speed (A)
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Price updated 19-Jan-2023

BMW iX3 Electric
3.5 stars - based on 7 reviews
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Car Review - BMW iX3 Electric Impressive [74 kWh] (A)
Despite its unexciting looks, the new BMW iX3 delivers a practical and usable electric SUV experience, and is priced very attractively as well.

The BMW iX3 Electric was facelifted on Nov 2021.
Read our review of the facelifted version.

What We Dislike
Uninteresting to look at
Interior design is slightly dated
Not as spacious as a bespoke EV could be
7 Consumer Reviews

The Electrifying X3, iX3. `
Was wanting to try an EV to see its performance, so went by BMW to check on the iX3. From the SE, there is an iX model that is made in Europe but this iX3 is made in China, so as to meet demand of orders. Exterior look, its similar built to the petrol X3, the compact SUV series that has LED lights, electric tailgate, but cannot recall that if there is sunroof option. Interior is quite basic which looks dated to me if you are ok to accept it as a BMW though. Comes with large display, virtual cockpit too. Drive is simple, put to drive mode and there you go. Acceleration is no issue as its an electric motor. Has lane departure assist, HUD, active cruise control, drive modes selection, etc. If you wonder EVs are quiet, you are right but BMW thinks for drivers whereby it incorporates the "Sound" Turning feature which you can have exhaust sounds to thrill your drive like a petrol drive. Parking is a breeze too as its embedded with the one found in 3 series onwards. Overall, its a reliable brand to own an EV but only is made in China that is considerable.
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Best car I have driven `
Making the transition from ICE to EVs and boy this car does not disappoint. Give you that magic carpet riding experience with BMWs superb interior finishes. Good option for those who are making the transition as the most of the control buttons are as same as the ICE version. The version sold in SG (M sport impressive) comes with all the goodies such as HUD, Panoramic sunroof and most BMW safety features.
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Our first BMW - amazing!! `
Bought this from salesman Benedict after test driving at PML. Lots to love including the amazing tech not seen in the regular X3, the luxury leather interior and M sport package coming as standard. The car is heavy but the single RWD motor seems powerful enough to provide a smooth high torque acceleration although you can feel the regenerative braking kicking in on/off when you take your foot off the pedal. I'm ok with it … Anything to help my mileage improve even further! It so super silent that it confused us whether the car was even turned on! Definitely a diff feeling when driving an EV. Look for Benedict and he'll help you out - he's Super friendly, honest and gets straight to the point. He also entertains lots of enquiries from his excustomers. He helped us decide what model would be the right fit for us.
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Early BMW electric effort shows promise `
This is one of the early BMW all-electric cars before the huge iX and the yet to arrive i7 gets here, so its more likely to be your average shoppers entry into the world of electric if you're already set on buying a BMW.
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