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Toyota Harrier Hybrid 2.5 Luxury (A) Review

Toyota Harrier Hybrid 2.5 Luxury (A) Video Review

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Borneo Motors
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(launched 2021)

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2.5 Premium (A)
$240,888 spacer spacer
$21,800 /yr 21.2km/L 215 bhp E-CVT (A)
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Price updated 19-Apr-2024

Toyota Harrier Hybrid
3 stars - based on 14 reviews
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Toyota Harrier Hybrid 2.5 Luxury (A) Video Review
The Toyota Harrier is spacious and sophisticated looking, with enough space for the entire family. Should you get one?
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14 Consumer Reviews

The NEW 2.5L Non-Turbo Harrier `
Went by to take a look at the new Harrier at Borneo First looks, not much or no changes in the exterior. The changes is Toyota ditched turbo for a 2.5L engine with hybrid, feeling it too taxing on the taxes side already. Interior still has the premium feel of Harrier with the leather stitchings, quality leather felt seats, electric seats, good legroom and headroom too. Sunroof was not there as well and the console is no longer flushed into the vehicle too, thus losing some points being premium and looking like its sibling, RAV4. Electric tailgate is there as default now with foot kick open. Driving and safety features like front collision, radar cruise control, lane keeping assist, lane departure assist, adaptive high beam, parking support, blind spot, TPMS, rear traffic alert, plus many vehile settings you can play around with. Drive off was slight halt but was still acceptable. On the road, it seems quiet cause of hybrid but when you overtake and revved, it roars up, perhaps due to lack of turbo, thus using conventional engine capacity to dash in. At normal mode, its quiet drive but when you put to sports, its dashing seems forcefully pushed in. Another one due to lack of turbo. Parking is easy for this Harrier as if did not recall wrongly, the mirrors will auto tilt down at R shift mode. Overall, if you want a luxury SUV for its many added features, pick this Harrier but you need to factor in the high cc and cannot be dashed like its previous generation that is a 2.0L Turbo. Unless you add gadgets like the popular InterStar pedal.
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Sleek but not really slim SUV `
It's the Toyota Harrier we all know and love, give an clean new look on the outside and a simplified and more cohesive design in the cabin.
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Luxe and lush harrier `
This new Harrier has been completely redesigned from the previous iteration that was so popular here in Singapore. It's sleek, and mighty soft on the environment as well with this familiar hybrid drivetrain.
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Almost Lexus like feel but lack some high trim features compared to overseas mar... `
Love the exterior design, no doubt 1 of the coolest looking SUV, was interested with RAV4 but don't like the rugged feel but prefer more luxury Harrier. Very stable and good handling car to drive around, insulation is not bad as well. Places you touch are all leather soft touch. One of the kind panoramic sun roof and digital rear view mirrors as well as full LED tail brake top lamp and full line makes it even more futuristic. Went and test Mazda CX8, KIA Sorento hybrid Hyundai Santa. CX8 has its flaws, FC being the main, and still can't trust Korean cars especially millions are been recalled recently due to potential exploding engines. GLA is too small and GLC is too expensive. Borneo should've given us the highest trim or option do get it like overseas market. All in all no regrets buying this hybrid luxury harrier, reliability is the key in choosing Toyota.
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