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1.0T EX (A)
$113,999 spacer Down
$11,200 /yr 21.3km/L 118 bhp 7-speed (A) DCT
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1.0T SX (A)
$117,999 spacer Down
$11,500 /yr 21.3km/L 118 bhp 7-speed (A) DCT
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Price updated 21-May-2022

Kia Stonic Mild Hybrid
4 stars - based on 6 reviews
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Facelift - Kia Stonic Mild Hybrid 1.0T SX (A)
The addition of new mild hybrid technology sees the already wide range of abilities that the Kia Stonic offers being expanded still.
Facelift (What's New)
1.0-litre three-cylinder is now paired with a 48V mild hybrid system
Nippy little compact
This Kia Stonic has been around for quite some time now but has got a new mild-hybrid engine to go along with its turbocharged engine.
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You can feel the TURBO
This is my second Stonic, but this time I got Mild Hybrid version, 'cause the government was giving a rebate. Compared to the pure petrol Stonic this version has 3 driving modes - Eco, Normal and Sport. Eco is "Too eco". It is too bad that each time I start the engine I have to push 2 buttons to disable the "Super Eco" Mode - Economy mode (which engages the battery and keeps RPM on a lower limit) switching to Normal and disable engine on/off at the stop or traffic light ('cause it shuts not only the engine, but the aircon as well). Dealer told me that there is no way to have "Normal" Mode permanently. Normal mode is the same as on the petrol version, but I noticed that when a car in front of me is driving slow, Stonic's engine is loosing power and downshifting, making the engine to rev. Eco mode will be nice when boarders will be open and one will be able to drive to Malaysia. You can off the aircon and enjoy open air and fuel economy. I also like the sport mode, as it allows to accelerate really fast and overtake "Slow players". Boot space and rear leg space is not much, so this is pure urban car to send your kid to school and go get some groceries. Value for money.
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Decent little CUV, or hatchback?
First thing, as much as this is considered a CUV, I find it to be more like a slightly lifted hatchback. Which really isn't a bad thing, considering it looks quite good. The Stonic is a little car that drives pretty well, the facelifted model with the mild hybrid system improved the drive, resulting in a smoother drive and improved fuel economy. But the Stonic isn't without its flaws, being a small CUV, the ride isn't exactly that good, and it is pretty cramped inside, you wouldn't want to fit more than 2 at the back
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Can Feel the Turbo
Test drove the Mild-hybrid, but have to say the mild-hybrid doesnt really do much... 1.0 CC engine complimented by Turbo delivers but with some lag.
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