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Volkswagen Group Singapore
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(launched 2021)

spacer Predecessor Volkswagen Golf (2012-2021)
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1.5 eTSI DSG Life Plus (A)
$173,400 spacer Up
$16,800 /yr 20.8km/L 148 bhp 7-speed (A) DSG
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1.5 eTSI DSG R-Line (A)
$183,400 spacer Up
$17,500 /yr 20.8km/L 148 bhp 7-speed (A) DSG
Specs | Features 

Price updated 20-Jan-2023

Volkswagen Golf Mild Hybrid
4 stars - based on 7 reviews
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Car Review - Volkswagen Golf Mild Hybrid 1.5 eTSI DSG R-Line (A)
The new Volkswagen Golf R-Line sports an athletic appearance akin to its hotter GTI version. Looks aside, its handling and interior has also been improved.
What We Dislike
Noticeable delay during manual gearshifts
7 Consumer Reviews

Golf 8 R-Line 2022 `
Recently purchased the 2022 R-Line after a lot of research and have not been disappointed with the car overall. The drive and overall performance for this size car is excellent and the power and road hugging is there when you need it. The car also feels larger than its predecessor. The Discovery infotainment system has generated a lot of discussion but In a few weeks you learn it and it's fine. I do like the haptic controls. It's also quick to connect to your smart phone seamlessly. The variety of interior lighting options is a bit gimmicky. The seats fit very well and the overall interior is modern and pleasant. I do also enjoy the quieter ride compared to nearly all the Japanese cars in this class and that German quality stands out.
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Touch Accuracy Issue on Android Auto, Reverse Camera crashes often too `
Owned the Golf Mk.8 Life Plus eTSI since June 2021 and it has been in and out of the dealership to solve a seemingly very small issue. Discovered that the reverse camera will freeze up (i.E. Showing the last image and not updating) misleading me to think that nothing is behind, but in fact I have moved and the image shown in no more representative of the driving situation. I also discovered that there is a significant touch position offset in Android Auto that is present in the 8.25" Infotainment of the Life Plus but not on the 10.25" Infotainment system of the R-Line. All these have been highlighted to Volkswagen Center Singapore (VCS) for them to address. VCS did run some check could not fine the problem. The reverse camera issue became so bad that corruption of image occurred once that completely garbled the GUI of the Android Auto side of things, leading me to conclude that the reverse camera system is in fact linked to the Android Auto side of things as well. This dragged on for nearly 3 months. They later did a software update which cause the Park Distance Control graphics to move from the left to the right side of the screen, obscuring the reverse camera view. The rectification of this issue came after nearly 2 months of waiting where VCS changed the entire 8.25" Infotainment system to rectify the blocking GUI issue. But still, the original problem of reverse camera freezing and Android Auto touch position offset still remains. To date, I have yet to receive proper rectification of the issue and it is very much an outstanding problem that I will have to address. Hope other owners out there facing this problem know that you are not alone, and you will need to engage VCS robustly to get this issue addressed.
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Sleeker exterior, neater interior. What's not to like? `
Volkswagen's new Golf is still the premium hatch to get if you want something a little more impressive than the typical Civic, or Avante.
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Sleek, comfortable and Futuristic! `
Been driving the Golf MK8 for 6 months already and it definitely didn't disappoint me. The interior feels like whole new ball game compared to its predecessor and comparable to current generation of conti cars. The drive feels solid and the handling is exceptional. Fuel economy about 14-15km/l in 70% Highway 30% City setting. The engine is strong as well pushing 148bhp which is the same as the 2021 Audi A5 2.0. Some super tiny issues with the infotainment system but nothing major affecting the car. The seats feels very sturdy and comfy as well can sit for long hours easily. Many compliments from my friends and families about the interior of the car as well. The stock sound system is amazing and no extra aftermarket parts are needed for ICE. For its price, IMO this is one of the most value for money car out there.
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