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Honda Civic 1.5 VTEC Turbo (A) Video Review

Honda Civic 1.5 VTEC Turbo (A) Review

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Kah Motor
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(launched 2021)

spacer Predecessor Honda Civic (2016-2021)
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1.5 VTEC Turbo (A)
$176,999 spacer Down
$16,200 /yr 15.6km/L 127 bhp CVT (A)
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Price updated 23-Feb-2024

Honda Civic
4 stars - based on 9 reviews
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Honda Civic 1.5 VTEC Turbo (A) Video Review
The Honda Civic gets a new, grown-up design as well as plenty of refinement improvements. Is that enough to convince you from its popular rivals?
What We Dislike
Engine is mated to a continuously variable transmission
More expensive than its rivals
9 Consumer Reviews

A Turbo ICE at Cat A Price `
The design reflects the grown up civic fans as a familiar namesake. While the exterior may look more poised, it still retains some of its old racing pedigree. Drove the previous Gen for 3 years and test drove this new breed to see if it was worth the refresh and update. The interior feels more premium than the past, closer to the accord and CRV. The cockpit is thankfully still rather driver oriented, and while its not as cozy as some of the new comers to this segment, it still feels good and everything you need is there within reach. It still instills confidence while cornering and the overall ride feels plush and controlled over rough torn roads worn by commercial trucks and trailers. The sound insulation is still the same though, blocking out some, but not the best in this class of vehicles. The front is a change that will divide fans, some may grow to like it, while others may opt to differ. I certainly prefer the previous look, the new look is a tad too tame and abiding looking for my preferences. The rear of the car has its most widely noticeable change, and while the theme is grown up, it has lost some of the unquiet sensation of the past Civic's designs. It has lost that immediate recognition that you are driving a Civic, and with that, the pedigree of the past generations that many Singaporeans have drove and loved about it. This car seems to be about being all new and different from its roots, whether or not one invests in this newest family member, only time will tell.
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Indeed, under Cat-A Sedan choices like Toyota Altis or Mazda 3 may strike as a better choice in terms of value & style. But it's this Honda Civic 11th generation that really shines with it's comfort & joy of driving that eventually shows where your money has really gone to ! Many may avoid this Civic as a selection choice mainly due to it's pricing & exterior design. For me, this Civic design will definitely stand the test of time !
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Turbocharged power for this new Civic! `
If your looking for some turbo power in your family sedan, this Civic is your option. It comes with a new and cleaned up design, along with a more premium interior as well.
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Poor quality `
Like Nice interior Good Handling Dislike Poor QC standard of this car Halogen headlight Complaint Shock absorber spoil, need to replace Steering clicking, need to replace Dashboard creaking plastic sound Door panel give out poping sound every morning and evening Rattling from seatbelt Long waiting time of parts Poor support from KM All above happen from first day of collecting car
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