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Hyundai Tucson Hybrid 1.6 Turbo Sunroof (A) Review

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(launched 2021)

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Hyundai Tucson Hybrid
4.5 stars - based on 2 reviews
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Hyundai Tucson Hybrid 1.6 Turbo Sunroof (A) Review
With a design that allows it to stand out from a crowded segment, posh interior and comfortable drive, the Hyundai Tucson appeals to the head and the heart.
What We Dislike
Some may not like the new design
2 Consumer Reviews

The GREAT Improvement to Hyundai Tucson. `
Wanting to try out this charming SUV from Hyundai after seeing many on the roads from its futuristic looks as its the same engine as Santa Fe. First looks, its a head turner from its stunning headlights display and the well shaped body contour. Hear from SE that Hyundai now makes its own steel and galvanised body which is better and sturdier and solidifier than before. Exterior looks are well touched and contoured, comes with 360 body sensors, panaromic sunroof and electric tailgate too. Interior is no lose to the premium SUV brands that comes with a button touch gearbox, auto hold, auto headlights and auto rain sensors (finally BOTH), nicely flushed console, electric seats to BOTH front passenger and driver (finally BOTH too). Signal indicators are on the left and wiper ones are on the right. A few interesting and good features which one of it is the driver able to adjust for passenger leaning back and front at the seat than bending over to do so conventionally. Another feature is the driver only aircon button which shuts off other vents upon pressed if you are alone without any passenger with you. One more is noticable that when you adjust anything on the indicators (like wiper or headlights), you need not guess or look at it to try, its indicated on the dashboard to tell you which is well thought of in this manner. The drive, it comes with ECO (known as normal) and SPORT modes only. The move off is smooth once you engage D with no jerking effect. In ECO, the drive was smooth and quiet even you revved a little more. With many safety features such as Smart Adaptive Cruise Control, it determines the front vehicle, hence slows down gradually and stops but when stop for more than some seconds, driver will need to engage again to do so. Front collision, Blind Spot Assist are pretty standard to have but only the Auto Hold feature is not automatically on by default which is minor to small issue as its good to have it already. In SPORTS mode, you can feel the steering tightening up and the car holds up with no back lash when you throttle more. No turbo lag, the car picks up revving without much noise too, gear shifting is smooth and transitional as well in this mode. Overall, indeed this is a good pick for a hybrid SUV which can be compared with other makes such as Skoda Karoq, Subaru e-Boxer or even Toyota Corolla Cross (Borneo) for its features.
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Most reliable car I've owned! `
Driven a week now, feeling amazing. Fast response lightly press on the gas and its goes like a wind. Going around bend very stable at A speed i don't feel any body roll. Unlike previously owned kia cerato 2019. Yesterday was raining heavily traveling a speed going over a little flood the car handle itself perfectly without you feeling a losing control. Btw the car actually is almost driven by itself the cam and sensor even works during heavy rain. That's amazing
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