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Opel Mokka-e Electric 50 kWh (A) Video Review

Opel Mokka-e Electric 50 kWh (A) Review

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(launched 2022)

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50 kWh (A)
$186,500 spacer Up
$18,600 /yr 6.9km/kWh 130 bhp Single-speed (A)
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Price updated 19-Apr-2024

Opel Mokka-e Electric
4 stars - based on 4 reviews
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Opel Mokka-e Electric 50 kWh (A) Video Review
The Opel Mokka-e's small size and well-rounded features make it a great first electric crossover for anyone. Should you get one?
What We Dislike
Rear bench can be claustrophobic for taller passengers
4 Consumer Reviews

A quick pick-me-up in the morning... `
Just like those moka pots, this thing will brew you a quick drive to work thanks to its compact form and torquey output.
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Sharp styling, but still needs work in the cabin `
It's a clever looking thing, and a drastic change from how the previous Mokka used to look. And it's a mighty commuter as well! Find out more...
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A stylish 'SUV' EV that makes a statement `
For those considering to drive an EV, the Opel Mokka-e should be a strong contender - Even more so if you're looking for a stylish and affordable one. At this price range, the Mokka-e is facing tough competition from the BYD E6, the MG-ZS EV and the Peugeot e2008. And despite all the similarities (e.G. Driving range, speed, price), one thing's distinctively different for the Mokka-e, it's style. It's a small 'SUV' that stands tall and striking. However, the design is not without its drawbacks. With reviews citing concerns over its practicality in the back and boot, I still find it acceptable, especially if you're not expecting anyone to be at the back often. Power and driving comfort wise, it's more than enough. With sport mode, you'll reach the speed limit before you know it, and zipping around town has never been more enjoyable - Especially with how silent an EV is. Opel's a relatively new brand in SG, but it's certainly one that is a fan-favourite in its domestic market (it's brand is still Vauxhall in many parts of Europe). Still, it is still an intercontinental car comes that with its premium feel and perks - carbon fibre style, a responsive infotainment system, and a full suite of safety features you'd expect. Overall, the Opel Mokka-e scores a 5/5 stars in my heart at this price point for an EV. For this price, it's still an entry-level EV, and definitely leaves some to be desired, especially in terms of its fittings at the back (i.E. No aircon vents in the back), and quality of life improvements (i.E. A more 'useful mobile app', wireless apple carplay/android auto functions) or wireless charging ports. However, it has more than what you'd expect for an EV at this price.
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Compact little inner-city machine `
The Opel Mokka-e hits hard with its sculpted exterior, a split away from the soft and rounded design that most electric cars seem to favour. But does the strong new look pair with an equally capable drive?
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