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Skoda Octavia RS 2.0 TSI (A) Review

Skoda Octavia RS 2.0 TSI (A) First Drive Review

SKODA Octavia RS 2.0 TSI (A) Video Review

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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Feb 2024.
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Czech Republic 

(launched 2022)

spacer Predecessor SKODA Octavia (2018-2021)
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2.0 TSI (A)
$230,900 (Feb 2024) spacer
15.4km/L 241 bhp 7-speed (A) DSG
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SKODA Octavia RS
5 stars - based on 4 reviews
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SKODA Octavia RS 2.0 TSI (A) Video Review
Great looks and performance, sensible space for all passengers, and a practical boot. Can we find any faults with the Skoda Octavia RS in this video review?
What We Dislike
Synthetic interior sound may not be to everyone's liking
Less sporty behind the wheel than its close cousins
4 Consumer Reviews

You are getting the specifications and performance you desire, which you typical... `
I tested the car today and can confidently say it outperforms many high-end cars, offering comparable features at a more affordable price due to COE. Jason Koh, the Skoda salesperson, provided excellent service, allowing me an extensive test drive in less crowded areas to truly experience the car's performance. The power and interior quality impressed me, especially the sport seats. My only concern is the long-term reliability; I hope the car remains trouble-free.
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Fun Family Car with lots of boot space `
Been driving for a week, and I love this car. Drove a 2019 Avante previously, this Octavia RS has a totally different feel. Its a great family car, with sufficient space for rear passenger. Ample boot space to haul all my stuff (Pram, kids stuff, bags, etc). Great for family trips or alone when you have the need for speed. Before you buy the standard big 3 german branded cars, do check this Octavia out and have a test drive. Dont be concerned about the miles per gallon, because it brings SMILES per gallon.
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Deservedly won performance sedan of the year. Plenty of "car" for this... `
Likes: -Full of techs and clever features -Plenty of space for rear -Pretty quick -7 speed dsg shifts seamlessly and so buttery - 2 in 1. Can be a very comfortable daily or u can transform it into different animal with the switch of a button. -Pretty headlights & rear lights and muscular body lines Dislikes: -Sg has no tri-climate thus no usb-c ports at the rear unlike those sold in europe -No HUD unlike those sold in europe - rear tranmission tunnel is quite high
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A very complete car. comfort, sporty, you decide! `
My thoughts after two months of ownership Likes: - it is really engaging to drive, yet comfortable and spacious enough with the family. But yes, it can be a beast when you want that thrill, or it can be a sleeper car waiting to be triggered. - fully loaded with safety tech like Adaptive Cruise Control with full come to stop and resume (best for cruising but esp during peak hour traffic), front assist, blind spot, lane keep assist reserve assist, can set two different interior ambient lights (one for top, one for footwell) - boot space, omg. I had 2 strollers and 1 scooter, used it as a storeroom. LoL - electric memory seats, with massage function. Turn on the heated seats and it feels shiok - interior looks so modern and nice with the Alcantara Materials (compared with others I was looking at like stinger) - sports bucket seats comfy but holds u during corners - the front electronic differential (VAQ), it works really well and fun. You can get some 'drifting' and tire screeching fun but at safe levels. At times, you might tot you are driving a 4wd - dynamic chassis Control, u can go soft, hard, or use individual profile modes - a row of shortcut buttons that is really useful instead of some cars that to fully digital for infotainment - the virtual cockpit is beautiful and customizable - looks subtly good outside.And not very common the roads and car parks. Which I like. Dislikes - Convenient Entry function is in the settings but not working yet as of jun 2022. Pending Skoda regional technical support to resolve. Hopefully they sort out this via software fix. - no rear windscreen wiper
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