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Toyota GR86 2.4 (M) Review

Mythbusted: Is a quality tank of fuel all you really need to get rid of engine carbon build-up?

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Borneo Motors
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(launched 2023)

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2.4 (M)
(w/o COE)
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- 11.3km/L 225 bhp 6-speed (M)
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Price updated 04-Apr-2024

Toyota GR86
4 stars - based on 1 reviews
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Toyota GR86 2.4 (M) Review
Naysayers might comment on the interior laden with hard plastics, but the GR86 really isn't about fancy luxury bits, it's all about the driving experience.
What We Dislike
At almost $260,000 with current COE prices, it is rather costly
1 Consumer Reviews

What happens when carmakers actually listen to drivers `
As a former owner of the 1st Gen GT86, it was with mixed emotions that I let go of the car some years back. Alas the sublime road feel, Boxer engine and fine balance could not overcome the niggly irritation I got from lack of little creature comforts (like steering wheel controls) and of course the infamous torque dip. Fast forward to 2022 and thank you Toyobaru for listening and improving. Torque dip is sorted, everything is functional, right-sized and tight. CG remains close to the driver's position. And the car is a beaut. All the amenities you need are there: retractable mirrors, steering wheel controls, flexible boot space, stay on LEDs. Unnecessary stuff is left out. This feels like the car Bruce Lee would have driven when he said "Discard what is useless" The car remains as balanced as the 1st Gen, and the tail actually feels more playful than before. Push the car out of a corner (best after some rain when the road is slightly slippery) and you'll get a smile on your face. As the world moves towards electrification and the eventual extinction of stick shift driving...I'll be busy changing gears and pretending to deliver tofu in this fantastic little machine.
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