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EV Hub Pte Ltd
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(launched 2024)

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55.2 kWh (A)
$130,988 spacer Down
- 6km/kWh 134 bhp Single-speed (A)
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Price updated 19-Jul-2024

Aion ES Electric
2 stars - based on 1 reviews
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Get a COE Altis instead `
The ES can be described as the cheapest brand new sedan that we can get in the market today. However its features is more of shouting out to fleet operators than actual consumers. The exterior and interior has nothing to boast of, safe and honest without signs of any design inspiration from German cars, it is something to be applauded. Sitting down in the driver's seat, the 2 thick spoke steering wheel shouts out 80s Crown taxi. The analog dials looks like it shared the same vendor as the MG5. The 7" Infotainment is in need of help from AliExpress ASAP. The rear space while enormous, doesn't comes with a split fold and rear armrest but we don't use it 99% of the time. Trunk is also spacious. Driving it is quite relaxing and rather light on the foot as it still can pull better than the factory figure of 12s 0-100kmh. The steering is responsive and ride on the slightly firm side of things. The indicated range of 400 km per charge is all right for a city like Singapore. Otherwise think twice if you often go to places beyond JB. Overall as a consumer, I will still mind even if it's 20k cheaper than Y plus reason being to have a EV being associated with simplicity is weird.
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