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Peugeot 408 Price Graph
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Date Updated 23-Mar-2023

Submodel Pricing Information
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1.2 EAT8 Fastback GT (A)
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  Current price
$109,888 (w/o COE) spacer
Depreciation -
Down Payment -

Normal Car Loan

Calculation for the instalment is based on a flat rate interest of 2.98% per annum, which is the car loan interest rate offered by most banks in Singapore.

  COE quota premium $93,503 (Category A COE)
Road tax $508 /yr
VES $15,000 (Surcharge)
Total basic cost -
Premium -
  Previous recorded price $109,888
  Highest recorded price -
  Lowest recorded price -
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 Date Updated 23-Mar-2023
New Car Dealer Details
  • AutoFrance Showrooms

    Main Showroom
    305 Alexandra Road Vantage Automotive Centre S(159942)
    Tel: 63762288
    Fax: 64777373

Terms & conditions

1. COE rebate for above prices are:
- Non-Guaranteed 6-Bid COE = $83,000 (Category A), No rebate for Category C.
- Guaranteed 6-Bid COE = $87,000 (Category A) with $4,000 higher price.
2. All Peugeot passenger vehicles come with Manufacturer's warranty of 3 years and an additional 2-year warranty, up to 100,000km (whichever occurs earlier), 12-year anti-corrosion warranty & 1-year local accessories' warranty.
3. All Peugeot vehicles come with free labour (materials excluded) for 1st 2 services at 10,000km & 20,000km as standard.
4. Promotional price quoted require in-house Finance & Insurance ($13,000 for Passenger Vehicle, $5,000 for Commercial Vehicle) taken through AutoFrance, with minimum loan criteria:
- Minimum $80,000 / 7-year loan (passenger vehicle) & Minimum 70% / 7-years loan (commercial vehicle). Top up required if criteria is not met.
5. Promotional price quoted after trade-in rebate ($4,000 for Passenger Vehicle, $1,000 for Commercial Vehicle), only applicable when a used vehicle is traded in to our used car partner (SDAS). Top up required if there is no trade-in to in house.
6. Prices quoted are inclusive of Custom duties, ARF, COE, GST, Registration fee, 6 Months' Road Tax & ERP IU.
7. $15,400 deposit ($5,400 vehicle deposit & $10,000 COE deposit) is only refundable after 3 months of unsuccessful COE bids.
8. AutoFrance reserves the right to use Cat E or Cat C COE (not subject to rebate) for registration of any of the above models.
9. The above promotions, prices & vehicle specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Please contact a Peugeot dealer for complete information.