This car has been nominated as best Hatchback

Nominated car
Distributor: Trans Eurokars (Mazda)  |  Hotline: 66036118 / 63958888
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Save big with Mazda Red Thursday Sale!

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- Mazda3 M-Hybrid Sedan 1.5L from $85,888*
(Hatchback also available)
For special colours only. Price inclusive of additional $5,000 VES rebate.

- Mazda6 Sedan 2.0L from $101,888
(2.5L Sedan and Wagon also available)
For demo units only. Immediate registration for limited units.

- Mazda CX-30 Crossover SUV from $104,888
For demo units only.

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*Price only applicable when vehicle is registered in Jan 2021 under the enhanced VES.
For a limited period only Posted on: 02-Dec-2020
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