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Celebrate this National Day and enjoy BMW SG55 Specials including 1.95% interest rate and more.

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Celebrate this National Day with a series of exclusives designed to offer flexible ownership solutions for your dream ride.

Drive home any BMW or BMW M model with a $10,000 downpayment via BMW Flow that covers road tax, insurance and servicing*; or opt for the following offers instead:

BMW SG55 Specials*
- 1.95% interest rate
- 5 years BMW Service Inclusive
- 5 BMW Car Spa sessions
- $5,000 subsidy on all BMW models

In addition to the above, receive 5 years of BMW Extended Warranty, an upgrade to 5 years of BMW Service Inclusive Plus and a 36-month interest-free period on all BMW M models.

Finally, enjoy bonus savings on brand-new BMW Programme Cars from 9 - 10 August, with prices available upon request.

Call 1800-2255-269 to book a showroom appointment or visit the BMW Digital Showroom at https://bethefirst.bmw.com.sg to find out more.

*$10,000 downpayment offer is only available via the BMW Flow financing option. 1.95% interest rate is only available in conjunction with the BMW Straight-line Finance option and with a minimum tenure of 6 years. $5,000 subsidy is exclusively available for BMW models and does not apply to BMW M models. Car specifications may vary from the models shown. Options and features are model-dependent. This advertisement provides information on BMW products and does not constitute an offer of sale. Any sale is subject to our applicable terms and conditions.
For a limited period only Posted on: 05-Aug-2020
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