Distributor: Komoco Motors  |  Hotline: 64758888
Celebrate Komoco's 36th Anniversary with these promotions!*

Promotion at Komoco Motors

At Hyundai, peace of mind means going the distance in a vehicle that is equipped with features that keep you and your loved ones safe, so that you can step outside of your comfort zone while still feeling protected.

Komoco is celebrating 36 years of excellence with the following promotions*:
{#emotions_dlg.symbol_100} $3,600 36th Anniversary Bonus
{#emotions_dlg.symbol_100} $1,000 Takashimaya voucher
{#emotions_dlg.symbol_100} Up to 10-year warranty

To find out more:
{#emotions_dlg.object_31} WhatsApp: 90996192
{#emotions_dlg.object_32} Showroom: 6475 8888
{#emotions_dlg.places_90} Visit Hyundai showroom at 253 Alexandra Road

*Valid on ICE & Hybrid models only.

Terms & Conditions apply.
Promotion ends on: 07-Sep-2022 Posted on: 19-Aug-2022
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