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   Consumer Reviews of Audi Q5
1 Reviewer
4 out of 5
4/5 Reliability
4/5 Features
Exterior Styling
4/5 Interior Design
Value for money
3/5 Engine Performance
1 out of 1 (100%) reviewers said they would recommend this vehicle to a friend.

1 Reviews

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Why I chose to buy another Q5  Posted on 02 Dec 2018
I will recommend this vehicle to a friend
Overall Rating
Comfort 4/5 Reliability 3/5
Handling 4/5 Features 4/5
Exterior Styling 4/5 Interior Design 5/5
Value for money 3/5 Engine Performance 5/5

Having driven the previous Q5 for nearly 6 years, it was time to let it go for fear of further maintenance costs. Having made countless trips to the Ubi service centre, each time I left the car there for something to be fixed or replaced, I vowed not to return again to Audi. Perhaps not everyone can appreciate the reasoning, but there are always brand loyalists and good reasons for their existence.

Clearly, there are many alternatives within the SUV class and beyond. In the process, all continental SUVs were considered, as well as cars such as Skoda Superb. On the Japanese side, there was Lexus, Toyota, Honda and Mazda and their various models to choose from.

Perhaps you have to watch the video 'What does it take for a car to be an Audi" To know what I rnean. An Audi is just a bit more special than the rest in the same price range. Of all the 4WD available, quattro just seems most natural. The interior, virtual cockpit and the MMI exude class.

So why back to Audi? Perhaps it's the customer service. Perhaps the quality just stands out a bit more. Everything works well in symphony within the car. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this car to just anyone. But ultimately it was difficult to choose anything else to replace my previous Q5. And the clincher? A really good deal offered to me was too hard to resist. Cheers!

What I like
How the technology is advanced and yet not overwhelming
Stability and security of the legendary quattro technology
S-line package is worth it
Interior quality is top-notch
Noise insulation is fantastic
Virtual cockpit is a hoot to use
5-year warranty
Easy to maneuver
Customer service is good
Visibility is improved especially near A-pillar

What I do not like
General reliability is uncertain - not complete peace of mind
S-tronic gearbox is not so smooth at low speeds compared to Tiptronic
Prefer CSC5 tires but given Latitude Sport 3 instead
Feels a little bigger when driving compared to previous Q5
Seats aren't up to Volvo and Lexus standards in comfort and fit
Fake exhaust vents in bumper
Suspension is a little firm on broken roads and car park humps

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Audi Q5
4 stars - based on 1 reviews