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The MG HS ticks all the right boxes

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Car Review - MG HS 1.5 Standard (A)
30 Jun 2020  |  MG Reviews
MG might have had a tumultuous past, but its well-heeled HS has the ability to take the more established SUV competitors head on.
   Consumer Reviews of MG HS
2 Reviewers
4 out of 5
4.5/5 Reliability
3.5/5 Features
Exterior Styling
4.5/5 Interior Design
Value for money
4.5/5 Engine Performance
1 out of 2 (50%) reviewers said they would recommend this vehicle to a friend.

2 Reviews

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3rd Gear
2 reviews
290 points
178 forum posts Joined on 04-Oct-2004
Interesting Option for bargain hunters  Posted on 02 Aug 2020
I will not recommend this vehicle to a friend
Overall Rating
Comfort 4/5 Reliability 3/5
Handling 3/5 Features 5/5
Exterior Styling 4/5 Interior Design 4/5
Value for money 4/5 Engine Performance 4/5

Read a fair bit online about the HS but what caught my eye was the promotional price of $99,888. Decided to head down to their showroom to check it out and go for a test drive. My current ride is also coming to 5 years and thought that this might be a feasible option. The MG dealership is one of the brands under the Trans Eurokars group but currently seems like a poor sibling gauging by the investment into the showroom premises. However, initial impressions of the HS was good based on its design and presence especially in the body colour of white or red. It is a fairly large SUV akin to a GLC or CX-5 where the designers have taken inspiration from. The good impression continues on inside the spacious cabin with its large 10.1" Infotainment screen which was fairly responsive, modern dashboard layout with Merc like turbine air vents and comfy leatherette seats. The faux leather feels more durable rather than luxurious.There are lots of soft touch surfaces in the cabin but the quality of materials are definitely a notch below the latest offerings from the Japanese like the CX-5 or even the Subaru Forester.The 2L entry level spec Forester is only 5k more expensive mind you. The switch gear also do not have a precise clicky feel to them which makes them feel abit filmsy and cheap. The doors don't really have a reassuring thunk when you close them but neither do they feel insubstantial. It's no VW but definitely better than some Jap makes. The electric tailgate, large 7" Driver's multi function screen and hydraulic struts for the bonnet are features you don't usually see at this price point. The test drive route was fairly short but you'll notice the 1.5t engine is quite torquey which has no issues hauling its over 1.5 ton body. Steering feel is numb but this is no sports car as well. You do feel the heft of the vehicle when on the move though. The 7 speed dct gearbox isn't lightning fast like a dsg but mostly works well with the 1.5t engine. Overall I do think this is a worthy entrant into the competitive SUV market but I think the price still needs to be lowered further as it is still too close to established makes and the warranty could also be longer than the standard 3 years to give buyers a better peace of mind venturing into a relatively unknown brand and the stigma of being made in China.

What I like
1. Standard features that are usually only available on more expensive makes
2. Design and road presence
3. Perky and torquey engine
4. Interior colour combo of black and red gives it a sense of class
5. Panoramic sunroof
6. Cabin space
7. 18" Rim design
8. Safety features like bsm, rcta, lka comes standard
9. Cabin noise insulation

What I do not like
1. Quality of materials
2. Steering feel
3. Price is probably still too close to more established makes even with all the features thrown in
4. Warranty is too short for a new unestablished brand
5. Potentially thirsty due to the weight of the vehicle
6. Reliability still unknown, hence a longer warranty would help
7. Resale value
8. Servicing cost and availability of technical expertise

6th Gear
13 reviews
2,681 points
1637 forum posts Joined on 15-Oct-2005
Impressive  Posted on 10 Jul 2020
I will recommend this vehicle to a friend
Overall Rating
Comfort 5/5 Reliability 3/5
Handling 4/5 Features 5/5
Exterior Styling 5/5 Interior Design 5/5
Value for money 5/5 Engine Performance 4/5

Test Drove the HS 1.5 Turbo.

The Drive - Under normal driving mode, the gearbox is very eager to upshift at the earliest, it doesn't feel responsive to the accelerator input as in the amount of pressure press onto the accelerator, doesn't correlate to the speed picked up. But under sport mode, the response became sensitive with rising rpm and the feel of acceleration became more apparent. Insulation (i.E. Engine, road, exterior noise) is good. It is refine ride. Despite wearing 18/ 50 235 tyres, under normal driving speed around Leng Kee and Commonwealth stretch, tyre noise is not noticeable. Engine noise is low too, even when rising to 4k rpm, it's not uncomfortably intrusive.

Overall impression is very good on this Chinese build product.

What I like
- If price is kept at current, the ratio of "build quality and equipment list (comfort and safety)" to its selling price is no match.
- Well spec for comfy and safety.
- Good build and good material quality interior. Door closing sound is better than BnB of Japs and Koreans but still slightly behind Contis, like VW or Skoda.
- Good refinement.
- Big size exterior and interior space.
- Decent engine performance. It's not weak nor is it responsive. Different driving modes will help on responsiveness.
- Has pedal shift levers for gearchanges.
- Doesn't have the B.S. start stop function.

What I do not like
- Weak brakes:
- The braking performance is very alike Mazda 3, i.e. the initial bite is not strong and feel is very linear.

- Unknown long term reliability (Gave a rating "average" but instead should be "unknown" on its engine and transmission, i.e
1) Direct injection is subjected to carbon build up on intake valve side. How MG overcome this or reduce side effect this is unknown.
2) 7 speed Dual Clutch reliability.
3) Overall engine, gearbox, electronic parts reliability is unknown unless one research through China website from owners there to know more.

- Servicing:
1) In terms of how familiar outside workshop in dealing with repair and servicing on this brand.
2) Spare parts availability.
3) Maintenance costs are unknown.

- Resale value.
- Real world fuel economy.

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4 stars - based on 2 reviews