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   Consumer Reviews of Aion Y Plus Electric
11 Consumer Reviews
4.5 Reliability
4.5 Features
Exterior Styling
4.0 Interior Design
Value for money
5.0 Engine Performance

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3rd Gear
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Fantastic EV which offers more value than many competitors despite the lower price  Posted on 13 Jul 2024

Premium version has a few improvements over the Standard version, here are the ones that matter.
Electric adjustment for front passenger seat, ventilated driver seat, centre headrest for rear bench. If you can live without these, get the Standard version and save 10k.

What I like:
Nearly everything, I will mention some of them here.
Aion app works well to show battery status, can also operate aircon or lock/unlock functions. Shows location of car.
Screen is responsive and quite intuitive most of the time.
Auto Hold when stopped.
Large screens with good info.
In built navigation works well.
Gear stalk on right side of steering wheel.
Comfortably soft head rest.
Ventilated driver seat!
Wireless charging pad for phone.
Smooth acceleration and braking, feels very natural.
No engine noise or vibration during idling or driving.
Powerful acceleration available when moving off, and even at highway speeds.
All 4 door handles pop out automatically when the car key is nearby, can enter from any door.
No need start/stop button, can just drive off once in gear.
Auto lock when walking away from car.
Radical appearance, easy to find car in carpark.
Super spacious rear with enormous leg room and completely flat floor.
Rear aircon!
Large windows provide good visibility and lots of natural light.
360 camera views are useful when trying to position the car neatly in the parking lot.
Realistic range seems to be 400 km, which is good.

What I dislike:
Stock tire can be better, not Chao Yang branded.
Limited tire choices with the 18 inch rims on the Premium. Tire size is 215/50 R18 which is not common.
Side mirror adjustment is done through the screen which takes a few more steps.
Turning radius slightly larger than Nissan Qashqai.

What is lacking (not dislike):
Blind spot monitor
Steering wheel reach adjustment (now can only adjust higher or lower)
Better floor mats (stock ones are like plastic trays that you find in taxis for easy cleanup)
Memory function for driver seat and side mirror settings.
Apple Carplay is wired.

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A fresh perspective from the usual SUV EV  Posted on 24 Jun 2024

The traditional mainstay in this segment, B class and 2 series may have better branding but the uniqueness of this car should give people a reason to consider.

First, the exterior may divide people into wondering if it should be a SUV or MPV. To me it doesn't matter when I entered the car. Nothing shouts cheap even though there are some hard plastic lying around. To me, I'd prefer fabrics for the seats like Citroen than leather to add in more character.

The space is really humongous. I even thought that a double decker bed is possible inside this car. A secret wishlist would be probably to have more rear overhang to accommodate 2 more seats.

Driving wise, it may be not that explosive moving off compared to it's EV peers but for city driving, it should be adequate. Handling has nothing to be mentioned for a vehicle with such a squarish proportion.

Overall I hope that this vehicle will sell well because it deserves to and maybe a possibility to add 2 more seats in future versions?

2nd Gear
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The Family EV made by GAC with Honda-Toyota Know-how  Posted on 10 Jun 2024
Comfort 4.0 Reliability 5.0
Handling 4.0 Features 5.0
Exterior Styling 4.0 Interior Design 4.0
Value for money 5.0 Engine Performance 5.0

As Honda enthusiast since my first Honda in 1989, I have observed GAC as Honda's partner in China since 1997. The first model that they built was the 1997 Honda Accord and since then GAC Honda has always been a reference point whenever I wanted to see what Honda was doing with their version of the Civic, Accord, CR-V and Odyssey in China.

I was very intrigued by the Y plus when I learn that Vincar was planning to launch the GAC AION model late last year. The slightly odd looking impression soon turned into admiration for what GAC Design is trying to convey in the design. With the big interior room, I was quickly reminded by the Honda design principle - "Man Maximum, Machine Minimum". For as long as I had a Honda, this is one aspect of Honda that I have always liked, from my 1997 Honda CR-V to the Honda Stream in 2008, priority has been given to the people space.

The rear legroom was so impressive that my better half immediately sanctioned my interest to own the AION Y plus. Our kids are grown up but my mother needed help to get into the stationwagon that I am currently driving. The height of the rear bench also makes moving my mother into the Y plus from the wheelchair a much lesser effort compared to my current drive. The wheelchair fits nicely into the boot.

I have tested a few other models before I decided to buy the Y plus. Needless to say, the competitive price was also one factor. The other winner is the power delivery. Compared to another EV that has a lot of motor torque (310Nm), the Y plus has just 225Nm that makes the drive and pickup just much smoother. Surprisingly, even though both are rated at 100kW, I felt that the AION Y plus accelerates quicker and more smoothly. At my age, the smoothness of the EV powertrain clinched the deal.

What I like
1. The colour choices were incredible. I was not restricted by the package that I chose and could even opt for the black roof/ white combination that I eventually chose. I generally like a lighter interior colour and the black/white exterior had a light green interior combination that I liked very much.
2. The smooth power delivery of the AION Y plus was a big plus point in my test drive. I like the gear selector stalk which is conveniently positioned on the right of the steering wheel. The left signal stalk is also the same as my current car.
3. The second row space and comfort, as well as the large door opening was a decisive factor for me and my family.
4. I like the minimalist design. The essential air-cond controls are easily accessible and the power windows on the Y plus are all the one touch type.
5. The big 63.2kWh battery is a plus point, the advertised 430km range was also a reason why I think the Y plus is a better option.
6. The AION warranty is a plus point. Even though it is largely similar to other EVs from China, the AION Y plus offers 8 years/200,000km while many other similar models capped mileage at 160,000km.
7. The bullet test conduced on the Magazine 2.0 battery was also re-assuring and from what I understand, the battery pack is also rated at Ingress Protection, IP67.

What I do not like
1. I didn't like the front design initially, but the rear light bar design makes up for it.
2. It stood out to me initially as an MPV, but after checking the car, I realized that as the car is lower and taller than a comparable ICE or EV SUV. That is the reason why the space is so good, especially the rear legroom. The lower floor probably also contributed to a lower centre of gravity which improved the ride and handling.
3. I was initially concerned that Vincar is a new player in the EV distribution business in Singapore. However, after looking at their business profile and knowing that the company is publicly listed, I was convinced that they would be just as committed to deliver a level of service worthy of an authorised distributor. And being new, they would do more and be less restrained by bad legacy staff who has spoilt the ownership experience from my previous car, from a very established authorised distributor.

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Test Drive  Posted on 30 Jun 2024

Getting into the car, you can feel clean look and spaciousness. Some EV centre console is complicated with lots of buttons.
As for the second row, it's too spacious, it's comfy for passages but kind of wasted space, it should have a sliding seat forwarding. The seating backrest has only 1 position, during driver brake for a stop, back passage might fall forward..
Although it's a rear torsion beam but it's comfy as feedback.

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Most spacious family SUV you can find in this price range.  Posted on 13 Jun 2024
Comfort 5.0 Reliability 5.0
Handling 5.0 Features 5.0
Exterior Styling 4.0 Interior Design 5.0
Value for money 5.0 Engine Performance 5.0

Recently my parents sold their car and I have taken up the duty of chauffeuring them. So I've been looking for a spacious SUV (and preferably EV) that my parents can get in and out of easily without spending too much money.

Chanced upon Aion Y Plus during car expo, and the backseat space is surprisingly huge. I have also considered the Atto 3 after seeing so many of them on the road and is in the same price range as the Aion, but the space in the back is noticeably smaller than the Y Plus. I have also considered the Ioniq 5, even though the space and design is tempting, the price is out of my budget. I've also briefly visited the MG and Peugeot showroom to look at their SUVs, but nothing really caught my eye.

Took me a while to do some research before finally booking a test drive and making the decision of buying he Y Plus cos Aion is a new brand entering Singapore. However, as an ex-Honda owner, knowing that GAC manufactures Honda and Toyota in China gave me a peace of mind.

Brought my parents to the showroom for a test drive and was happy to see how easy they can get in/out of the car. When the front passenger seat is moved forward, they can straighten their legs in the back seat. My SE was very patient when answering my question. The whole process from booking a test drive to purchasing the Aion was very smooth, even though it took me some time to choose the colours (spoiled with choices!) In the end, I chose the black exterior + blue/orange interior.

All in all, I personally think this is the most value-for-money SUV you can find on the market in this price range.

What I like
- Spacious passenger space
- Multiple modes of steering (from light to heavy steering)
- Almost unnoticeable road noise
- Instant torque and speed (both good and bad, need some time to get used to it if you transition from an ICE to EV)
- Sound system is OK
- 360 camera
- Long warranty with free charging credits

What I do not like
- Headlight design...
- Takes time to charge the vehicle
- Not the most sporty looking SUV, more like an MPV
- Instant torque and speed
- Not used to having most of the control buttons on the screen (e.g. aircon)
- Hope the quality of the car is still as good after a few years of driving
- Higher road tax
- Not as care free to go in msia due to the number of charging points vs. petrol stations there, but just jb should be fine.

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Think carefully and do your maths before you buy EV  Posted on 08 Jun 2024

I am not good in writing review. But I can sum up briefly how I feel and think of this car and EV as compared with hybrid.

First , Aion which is under GAC is a state owned company, so no worries but that's in China and yet to prove in SG unlike BYD. This Aion has the DNA of
Toyota and Honda probably because Honda and Toyota China are joint ventures with GAC.

Second, the dealer matters. Vincar is first time foray into direct dealership unlike proven Ora and Smart under conglomerate Cycle and carriage . Same with BYD under established Sim Derby.

Third, although this car is cheap but quality, it's a different car with cat A BYD and Ora in terms of battery, handling, torque and safety features.

Last, if you don't drive much and a low mileage user, I strongly discourage you to buy EV because of the high road tax as compared with hybrid. EV road tax is more than double because of LTA Additional Flat Component. Thus, the savings on fuel is negligible and worse, it may even cost you more on the electricity tariff than what you have saved on fuel.

In addition, with the inconvenience of charging which cost more than household electricity, higher insurance premium, lower resale value and volatile changes in battery technology that affects resale price plus zero PARF rebate unlike hybrid, you are better off buying a hybrid which is why Toyota and Honda are reluctant to go fully into EV.

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So so  Posted on 07 Jun 2024

Went for a test drive
1. Spacious
2. Quiet
3. Strong brake
4. Nice exterior and interior colour to select
5. Average torque
6. Average range
7. Competitive price

1. The exterior is not attractive
2. Air con, wing mirror, door etc control by infotainment that can be quite confusing
3. No wireless car play and the wire that connects to the port is block by the centre arm rest and you need to dig underneath to connect to the port
4. No blind spot warning, lane departure warning and keep lane assist, you must pay $10k for the premium variant
5. Road tax pretty high
6. Too technical to operate especially for those elderly who are not tech savvy
7. Vincar has yet to prove their reliability being the first parallel and used cars importer to take up this exclusive dealership nor proven they can service EV

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Exceptional Value and Performance: My Aion Y Plus Experience with Vincar and Samuel  Posted on 05 Jun 2024

I recently purchased the Aion Y Plus through Vincar with Samuel's assistance, and I couldn't be happier! Here's why:

Costing: The Aion Y Plus is hands down one of the most affordable EV cars in the Singapore market. Its price is justified by the impressive specs and range it offers compared to other EV options available.

Experience & Reliability: Despite being unfamiliar with the brand initially, I was pleasantly surprised by the Aion Y Plus's performance during the test drive. The drive was smooth, quiet, and the air conditioning was powerful and cooling. This experience, coupled with its competitive pricing, convinced me of its reliability and worthiness as a purchase.

Spaciousness: The Aion Y Plus offers an incredible amount of space. It's difficult to convey just how roomy it is without experiencing it firsthand.

I look forward to the future upgrades to the display panel, such as able to watch shows or YouTube in my car. It would add a whole new level of convenience and entertainment to the driving experience!

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Aion is value for money  Posted on 04 Jun 2024

Went to the Road Show today at Vivo City. The car is indeed impressive with all the specs and almost similar features as the BYD Atto 3. Exterior colour is nice with a range of duo tone to choose and elegant interior colour.

Infotainment screen is big and user friendly. I decided to book this instead of BYD Atto 3 because this is a new model launched 2 months ago and the price is extremely competitive.

What I like is the interior space , longer than Atto 3, height also taller and width is only shorter by 5mm.

The instrument is nicely organised and easy to use. At $145,998 , this price is irresistible with guarantee 6 bids. Also, you can choose your interior colour to match the exterior unlike others which is fixed.

The launch price at Vivo ends on 9 June. Aion is a serious competitor to BYD and I like the SUV than the Sedan which is the size of Toyota Camry.

This is the cheapest cat A EV and certainly value for money with 6 years free service,8 years battery warranty, free car cam, solar film etc.

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Seems good response  Posted on 01 Jun 2024

Probably I agree with the reviewer. Just launched, already sold more than 60 units

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A solid contender for anyone shopping for a brand new car in 2024  Posted on 12 Apr 2024

Had the privilege of test driving the Aion Y Plus Electric on its launch day. Approached the car with a lot of doubt looking at its humble figures and providence but was looking to experience the rival to the surprising popular atto3(which i find to be a poorly thought out car)

But boy did I eat humble pie.

The car firstly is lavishly equipped with not only the usual big screens and technologies one would expect from the premium German and American electric model but does not have any obvious scratchy plastics and I was greeted with bright colors and soft touch materials. (In fact I believe its the only car in its class which offers dual tone interior colors as standard - similar to an rolls).

The rear legroom in particular was what left me stunned. As a 1.84m, i could cross my legs with ease and had ample headroom even with the front seat set to my preferred driving position and the front seats can be folded down to turn the whole car into a personal lounge.

As an avid driving enthusiast who is a person who swears by internal combustion and somewhat of a brand snob. I was massively impressed by its suspension tuning during my short test drive where it handled bumps and undulations with ease and stayed compliant during fast bends. The car also has adjustable steering from near weightlessness to go-kart miata like stiffness which gives you confidence to throw it around the corners or just effortlessness in going from A to B. The suspension may not be a key factor for many Singaporeans who are generally brand conscious but having driven many cars, this has the ride comparable to cars from the 3 pointed star.

Power wise the figures don't suggest much but no ICE can hold a candle to the responsiveness and would beat most cars to the next stop light and is plenty enough for Singapore.

For downsides to the car, it would be its looks but they have been slowly growing on me the past week similar to how I hate most BMW designs initially but would grow to like it after 3 months( exception for the first 2 series active tourer). The launch price makes this car too tempting an offer which I may have to pull the trigger on….

Aion Y Plus Electric
4.5 stars - based on 11 reviews