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Wearnes Automotive is proud to launch the all new Volvo Retail Experience concept and reopens its redesigned Volvo showroom at Alexandra Road.

17 Nov 2016 | Local News : Singapore

Volvo Cars Singapore is proud to announce the launch of the all new Volvo Retail Experience (VRE) concept and the highly anticipated reopening of the new Volvo showroom. VRE is a physical interpretation of Volvo's 'Designed around you' promise, and an all-rounded retail concept where customers' needs are put in paramount focus. Cool on the outside, warm on the inside - feel relaxed and right at home every time you pop by the showroom - whether to service your Volvo or just for a coffee.

A revamped children's playroom sits in the centre of the Sales Living Room, enabling parents to shop in peace
The VRE revamp is the biggest overhaul the Volvo showroom has seen, costing approximately $4 million and taking six months to complete. It comes at a strategic time, with a new era of Volvo piloted by the launch of the new face of Volvo - represented by the new Volvo XC90, S90 and soon to come V90, it is an opportune time to showcase what Scandinavian luxury is all about.

The exterior of the new Volvo showroom features a sleek and minimalist frosted glass facade. White and solid during the day and translucent at night, it exudes a distinctive cool look and feel. When night falls, the exterior glass panels are illuminated with coloured lights to mimic the Northern Lights - a natural phenomenon synonymous with Nordic countries.

Inspired by luxury boutiques, light-wood-framed shop windows flank the grand entrance, drawing attention to the cars within the showroom and making an impression on pedestrians and drivers passing by. On the second floor of the building, a Jewel box display is used for the same purpose, but with better visibility thanks to the elevation.

A mixed selection of comfortable seating areas - all furnished with an eclectic mix of iconic Scandinavian designer furniture
Step into the new Volvo showroom and immediately feel the warm and inviting interior helmed by 'The Street' and two 'Living Rooms' - at the main showroom and Service Centre.

'The Street' in VRE comprises all reception and car display areas, car studios, accessories hubs, consultation points and car delivery suites. The 'Living Rooms' are the heart of the new Volvo showroom and an oasis for customers to relax and feel at home. Main seating areas have been relocated to be the centre of attention and the first thing customers see upon entering the showroom.

Car display space has increased by 30 percent along 'The Street', to showcase Volvo's wider lineup of cars.

Amongst the many display lies the iconic Volvo P1800 - a car, which first gained great fame when driven by Roger Moore in the 1960s film, The Saint. The Volvo P1800 is also living proof of the build quality of Volvo cars - Irv Gordon's P1800 holds the world record for the most number of miles driven in a single car - a whopping three million miles and counting since 1966!

The Volvo showroom is located along the prime automotive belt of Alexandra Road, boasting one of the most customer-oriented automotive facilities in Singapore. The premises accommodate a service and repair workshop that gives special attention to the intrinsic safety qualities of a Volvo.
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