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Audi's electric off-roader for the future is a comprehensive concept for sustainable mobility off the beaten track.

12 Sep 2019 | International News : Germany

Audi showcases an electric off-roader for the future of road transport. The Audi AI:TRAIL quattro is a comprehensive concept for sustainable mobility off the beaten track.

Interior of the AI:TRAIL is designed to maximise the view of the landscape for all passengers
With a ground clearance of 340mm, the AI:TRAIL can ford through water more than half a meter deep, while on rocky terrain, its architecture provides plenty of agility without the battery unit coming into contact with the ground.

The cabin of the AI:TRAIL features extensive use of glass surrounded by polygonal shapes, with plenty of room for up to four people. Designed to maximise passenger views of the surrounding landscape, it is characterised by a windshield that wraps around the front of the vehicle, as well as a roof that allows a clear view of the sky.

In the dark, instead of conventional low beams and high beams, the Audi AI:TRAIL is equipped with a total of five rotorless, electrically operated drones with integrated matrix LED elements. Called Audi Light Pathfinders, they fly ahead of the AI:TRAIL and illuminate the path ahead, and are also capable of illuminating the area surrounding the car when it is stationary.

Drones equipped with integrated matrix LED elements will illuminate the path ahead of the AI:TRAIL
Below the passengers, bulky transverse links and MacPherson struts with adaptive dampers provide suitable robustness and ensure safe driving stability. 

The performance specifications for the Audi AI:TRAIL are markedly different from those for conventional automobiles. That is because the car's development was not about achieving remarkably quick acceleration or hitting breathtaking speeds on the autobahn.

Given that the AI:TRAIL is intended for use in areas without charging infrastructure, its drivetrain has been designed with the goal of maximising range.

The stated target with its lithium-ion battery is 400km to 500km on roads or easy off-road terrain (in line with the WLTP). On rough ground, where the energy consumption is higher, the limit is still an impressive 250km.

Designed to go where there may be little charging infastructure, the AI:TRAIL will return a 250km range over difficult terrain
In terms of drive hardware, the Audi AI:TRAIL is equipped with four electric motors installed near the wheels, each of which propels one wheel directly. This arrangement makes the AI:TRAIL a true quattro. Maximum system output is 423bhp and the maximum torque is 1,000Nm.

The large amounts of reserve power of the AI:TRAIL allow it to conquer challenging stretches even in difficult conditions - confidently, safely and always without emissions.

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