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A new collaboration between sgCarMart and Huawei makes searching up info on a car as simple as snapping a quick photo.

04 Oct 2021 | Local News : Singapore

You can now access all the information available here at sgCarMart, straight from Huawei's official search engine, Petal Search!

Petal Search is equipped with a next-generation search engine that uses Huawei's proprietary artificial intelligence and geolocation capabilities. This means that you can instantly access a wide range of services, exploring from nearby restaurants, landmarks, attractions and more, via the app's 'Nearby' search feature.

The collaboration see sgCarMart's database now being accessable straight from the 'Cars' section of the Petal Search app
And if its car's you're after, sgCarMart is now the key content provider for the 'Cars' section. This means that our automotive database of over 20,000 car models and listings can now be accessed from the app.

Better yet, Petal Search's visual recognition algorithm is able to match photographed cars against the sgCarMart database, so if there's a car you're curious about, all you simply need to do is snap a picture and upload it into Petal Search, and you'll be able see search results with essential information such as the car model, features and availability.

If there is no exact match for that specific model, Petal Search will recommend the closest match, covering sgCarMart's listings across new, used and rental cars.

Simply upload a picture of a car onto Petal Seach and the app will retrieve all related information from sgCarMart on the car you're curious about
"With this new partnership with Huawei, users will instantly be privy to information about cars that catch their eyes without the hassle of searching for it online," said Vincent Tan Boon Kiat, the Co-founder and General Manager of sgCarMart.

"Petal Search was created to meet the needs of users accustomed to an efficient and mobile-centric lifestyle. With sgCarMart onboarding to Nearby's 'Cars' section, besides its car listing service, users will also be able to receive automotive updates such as car dealer reviews, parking rates and promotions, with just one tap," added Shane Shan, the Director of APAC Huawei Consumer Cloud Service.

Singapore users can now download the Petal Search app from Huawei AppGallery. To start your car search, go to the 'Nearby' section on the app's homepage and tap on the 'Cars' icon.

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