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The donation of close to $1.5million from Audi will support 15 scholarships each year at two IT schools in Germany.

01 Jan 2022 | International News : Germany

Audi is promoting educational opportunities for financially and socially disadvantaged students in Germany at a top IT school by funding its internal scholarship programme.

The firm will donate close to $1.5million over the next four years to two schools, 42Heilbronn and 42Wolfsburg, with which they are free to disperse for 15 scholarships each year.

42Wolfsburg is a school that focuses on the field of 'IT in the vehicle', while 42Heilbronn focuses on 'IT in the factory'. Both areas of focus are reflected in Audi's digitalisation efforts, with the company working to build the world’s leading network of expertise for digital factory transformation and sustainable innovation as part of its 'Automotive Initiative 2025' (AI25).

Over the long term, Audi and the two schools are aiming to intensify their partnership through internship opportunities for students, tech days to promote professional networking and knowledge sharing, as well as joint work on innovative topics within the framework of AI25, and joint programming competitions.

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