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The latest iteration of Michelin's enthusiast-favourite performance tyre, the Pilot Sport 5 has been launched through a virtual event.

17 Mar 2022 | International News : Singapore

The latest iteration of one of Michelin's most popular high-performance tyre, the Pilot Sport 5, has been officially launched in Asia through a virtual event.

Now in its fifth generation, the latest tyre in the Pilot Sport range targets sports car and high-performance sedan enthusiasts, with its sophisticated features that enable drivers to get the most out of their driving experience through three key benefits - improved grip, response and premium aesthetics.

The Dual Sport Tread Design helps the Pilot Sport 5 to achieve exceptional wet and dry grip
The new Pilot Sport 5 takes its predecessor's famed dry grip and excellent wet performance up a notch.

Thanks to the Dual Sport Tread Design technology - a dual side functionalised tread design inspired by motorsport experience, the tyre is able to offer maximum control with extremely good grip and braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces.

It achieves such versatility through the implementation of large grooves and high void ratio on the inner side of the tyre for enhanced wet road traction, and an external side featuring rigid blocks for improved grip on dry roads.

Groove Clear displaces water efficiently to improve wet grip
These features are further enhanced with Groove Clear which associates large longitudinal grooves into wide transversal channels to efficiently divert water out of the way.

Additionally, the Pilot Sport 5 is also designed to offer exceptional response thanks to the Dynamic Response technology that combines a hybrid aramid and nylon belt for optimal transmission of steering instructions onto the road.

The velvet-like micro texture enhances the sidewall of the Pilot Sport 5
Drivers can also look forward to a longer-lasting tyre as the MaxTouch Construction maximises the tyre's contact with the road and evenly distributes acceleration, braking and cornering forces to deliver longer tread life while maintain excellent performance.

Apart from the drive, the Pilot Sport 5 also enhances the style of your car with its Premium Touch Sidewall Design that creates a sleek velvet-like micro texture.

The Michelin Pilot Sport 5 is now available in 53 dimensions from 17 to 19 inches at Michelin's authorised tyre dealers in Singapore. You can visit Michelin Singapore's website for more information.

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