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More regal and high-tech than ever, the original dual-king of tarmac and mud returns in a smarter suit to show (again) how the business of luxury SUVs is done.

27 Jul 2022 | Local News : Singapore

Order the latest Range Rover in black if you want to play some serious mind games with the drivers you park next to, or perhaps just anyone you're on the road with in day time. 

They'll be left staring at its rear in concentrated confusion… until you prod the brakes or begin changing lanes. Only then will the 'hidden-until-lit' lights - cleverly integrated into a blacked out rectangle framing the bottom half of the tailgate - glow red or blink orange.

'Impeccably restrained': The car's minimalist ethos is brought to bear most wondrously on its tailgate 
Such minimalist but painstakingly pored-over cues are what strike you first about the Mk5 Range Rover, which was launched in Singapore today. 

From that tailgate, to its impossibly smooth surfaces and flushed door handles, its five-metre long body is defined by this same, satisfyingly clean look. Three signature lines running through the Range Rover (as well as its history) - the falling roofline, strong waistline and rising sill line - guided the design of this latest generation. You'll be hard-pressed to disagree with the firm's take on the end result as 'impeccably restrained' and 'reductive'.

Now in its fifth outing, Land Rover's luxury behemoth returns with quite a crowd of contemporaries to do battle against.

Rear-wheel steering, independent air suspension, and active noise cancelling all promise superlative refinement in this latest generation
But it also packs a stacked suite of features on the inside and underneath to make a strong case for why it's deserving of the ultra-premium SUV crown. As part of JLR's current commitment to "Modern Luxury", every last bit of tech Solihull could muster was squeezed out and injected into the car; 125 patents were filed in its development.

Rear-wheel steering, fitted as standard, promises to enhance the car's stability at high speeds while also helping to size down how it feels as you're weaving through city traffic.

The split tailgate thankfully remains, and both halves will fold in simultaneously at the touch of a button
The car's fully independent air suspension and first-ever five-link rear axle also work in tandem with its onboard electronics - which analyse the road conditions ahead and feed this data to the car - for supreme composure on the move. 

The Range Rover continues its groundbreaking trek on another very different front as the first vehicle from JLR to be underpinned by an entirely new platform, called the MLA-Flex (Modular Longitudinal Architecture). Torsional stiffness has been improved by up to 50% as a result, as has the quietness of the cabin, by up to 20%. 

With the MLA-Flex designed with electrification explicitly in mind, unprecedented plug-in hybrid drivetrains are now available for the Range Rover. Come 2024, a fully-electric Range Rover will even be unveiled.

The central armrest will fold down at the touch of a button to reveal a rearset touchscreen controller
Although these haven't been announced for Singapore yet, local buyers will be more than pampered with the first batch of cars arriving here. These have been specced exclusively in the top-of-the-line Autobiography trim, regardless of which petrol engine a customer chooses. 

'Effortlessness' appears to be a recurring theme. Everything - from its 24-way adjustable seats, rear central armrest (with its integrated Rearseat Touchscreen Controller10), rear reclining seats and even its signature split tailgate - is electrically operable with the simple press of a button.

At this juncture, a sumptuous cabin of soft leather - even on the door handles! - is standard fare for the Rangie, but superlative refinement is taken several notches upwards thanks to the firm's latest iteration of active noise cancelling technology. Helping to deliver this are speakers that are integrated into the headrests of the four main cabin occupants, and which surround the car's cabin.

The 13.1-inch curved floating central screen is the largest ever touchscreen fitted onto a Range Rover
The visual feast continues up front, where a 13.7-inch Interactive Driver Display is paired to a 13.1-inch curved, floating central screen on which JLR's Pivi Pro infotainment system dances to life. The latter is the largest touchscreen ever fitted onto a Range Rover.

Another key advantage enabled by MLA-Flex is the new breadth of short and long wheelbase variants.

On top of the four and five seat configurations, a third row of seats - designed for adults - will be available for the first time in the car's history. Debuting in this generation, too, is the pairing of a long wheelbase with five seats.  

The V8 remains - thankfully - as a twin-turbo in the Mk5 Range Rover, churning out 522bhp
In terms of the engines themselves, the entry-level (whatever that could mean on a car like this) variant already gets a 3.0-litre straight-six under the hood, churning out nearly 400bhp, and exactly 550Nm of torque.

Opt for the 4.4-litre, twin-turbo V8 instead, and one will find a terrifying 522 mechanical horses and 770Nm of torque at their disposal. Incredibly, the car's 2.6 tonne body will resultantly vault from 0 to 100km/h in just 4.6 seconds.

Still, given the highly configurable nature of a luxury product like the Range Rover, expect to be able to order the car in the exact permutation that you desire. A Range Rover SV - fine-tuned to individual perfection by JLR's Special Vehicle Operations - should cap off the car's, er, range as the final word in cosseting luxury and customisable exclusivity. It will also debut the division's new ceramic roundel. 

Already king of the road, the Rangie will gleefully flex its off-road muscle even if it doesn't need to
Lastly, this is a Range Rover, so we're duty-bound to get into bits of its off-road might, even if that's not what city-dwellers may be looking for. 

The list of specified terrains this 4x4 can tackle will surprise most of us (what sorts of rock crawls does one find in Singapore?), but relevant to the most paranoid of drivers - with the erratic inclement weather - is the fact that the car's wading depth stretches up close to a metre. When it pours, you'll be more than safe as you pull out of your bungalow and onto Bukit Timah Road. 

As evidence of the commitment to exclusivity and quality befitting of a flagship luxury SUV, the fifth-gen Range Rover will be built solely at Land Rover's Solihull Manufacturing Facility on a new state-of-the-art production line. 

Orders for the Range Rover are now open, and the 3.0-litre Autobiography (in five-seat configuration) will lead our local lineup, with prices starting at $765,999. We're told that customers interested in other variants are more than welcome to place orders first, and will be placed on a waiting list in the meantime.

Car Model Price as of press time (inclusive of COE)
Land Rover Range Rover Mild Hybrid 3.0 Autobiography SWB (A) $765,999

Keen to see those hidden-till-lit lights and that electronically folding split tailgate in action? Check out our preview of the fifth-gen Range Rover in the video below! 

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