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BMW's fuel cells for the iX5 will be manufactured in the company's competence centre for hydrogen based in Munich, Germany.

02 Sep 2022 | International News : Germany

BMW will be entering a small series of BMW iX5 Hydrogen cars into service around the world from the end of 2022 for testing and demonstration purposes. The BMW iX5 Hydrogen cars utilise a combination of fuel cell and high-performance battery, giving them a unique form of drive system for the premium car segment.

BMW is hoping to become a pioneering role in this technology, with the aim of achieving a more diversified transition to emissions-free mobility. The German car maker will therefore be manufacturing highly efficient fuel cell system at its in-house competence centre for hydrogen.

BMW's hydrogen technology coupled with high-performance batteries will provide another sustanability engine option in the future
The technology is one of the core elements in the BMW iX5 Hydrogen and generates a high, continuous output of 168bhp. The hydrogen fuel cell is paired with the high-performance battery purpose developed for the vehicle to enable its powertrain to deliver 369bhp in total.

To obtain fuel cells required for the manufacture of the BMW iX5, BMW has partnered with Toyota. The two companies have enjoyed a partnership for many years have been collaborating on fuel cell drive systems since 2013.

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