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Peugeot Singapore enters the quickly-growing electric vehicle market with the new e-2008 full electric SUV. Its first batch has already been sold out!

15 Sep 2022 | Local News : Singapore

Peugeot's new e-2008 was unveiled at a media event at Peugeot Singapore's showroom on 15 September. This is the first full electric SUV from the brand to launch in Singapore, kickstarting the journey towards electrification of its lineup offered here.

Fans of Peugeot cars will find the e-2008 a familiar sight. Despite the entirely different, electrified drivetrain, most of the exterior styling remains the same as its petrol-powered counterpart. In fact, the most eye-catching telltale sign that this is the e-2008 on the outside would be the body-coloured front grille and the fact that there isn't any exhaust at the rear.

The e-2008 is equipped with the iconic three-claw LED daytime running lights
The e-2008 is offered exclusively in the top-of-the-line GT trim level, which means it is equipped with the iconic three-claw LED daytime running lights that give it an instantly recognisable face, along with plenty of features.

Powered purely by electricity, the Peugeot e-2008 puts out 130bhp and 260Nm of torque through its motor from the instance you push down on the pedal.

Equipped with a 50kWh high-capacity battery, this electric crossover provides a highly-useable range of 345km according to WLTP standards. With such a range, the e-2008 is perfect for driving around in a city like Singapore.

With an electric drivetrain, the e-2008 pushes out 130bhp and 260Nm of instant torque
With support for high-speed charging through a 100kW DC charger, it is possible to recharge the car from 0-80% in as quickly as 30 minutes.

Inside, thanks to the position of the batteries on the floor, the e-2008 offers the same amount of space when compared against its internal combustion counterpart.

It also features peugeot's latest 3D i-Cockpit technology which projects information on multiple layers with different optical depth, much like a hologram. Using this feature, the information that is more important, or urgent can be displayed closer to the driver's view.

An upsized 10.0-inch infotainment system sets the e-2008 apart from its petrol-powered brethren
Additionally, the e-2008 also gets a larger 10.0-inch high-definition capacitive touchscreen infotainment system that you won't find in the petrol-powered 2008.

The e-2008 is also loaded with driving aids and safety features to ensure a pleasant and safe drive.

It is equipped with a Lane Departure Warning system, VisioPark 180 degrees Reverse Camera for full situational awareness when parking, and a speed limit information with intelligent speed adaptation system that reads speed limit signs and displays them on the car's instrument panel.

Without any tailpipe emissions, the e-2008 is eligible for maximum green incentives
Thanks to its eco-friendly drivetrain the e-2008 is eligible for the maximum A1 VES rebate.

This allows Peugeot Singapore to offer the e-2008 at $78,888 (without COE) - the same price point as that of the internal combustion engine 2008. The e-2008 also meets the requirements for a Cat A COE to ensure maximum affordability for an easy transition to EV for all drivers in Singapore.

Being such an attractive proposition, it's no wonder that the first shipment of the e-2008 has already been sold out and Peugeot Singapore is currently taking orders for the next shipment.
Car Model Price as of press time (without COE)
Peugeot e-2008 Electric GT 50 kWh (A) $78,888

Want to see more of the Peugeot e-2008's many design features? Join us as we see more of the car here in this video!

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