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The new partnership between the two companies will see Land Rover vehicles being produced for security and defence projects.

21 Sep 2022 | International News : U.K.

Everrati Automotive Limited, a company specialising in redefining and futureproofing automotive icons, has announced a new partnership between Everrati Advanced Technologies (EAT) and Hobson Industries Limited, providing its industry leading EV expertise in the production of electrified Land Rover vehicles.

An internationally renowned engineering based company, Hobson Industries offers through-life support for heritage Land Rover models, encompassing everything from parts supply to full vehicle builds.

EAT's electric Land Rover Series IIA was designed by industry experts from renowned OEMs
These include armoured and soft skin variants of Land Rover models, all of which have had internal combustion powertrains up until now. As part of the new collaboration, Hobson Industries' vehicle builds will benefit from EAT's state of the art electric powertrains. The electrified models developed with Hobson Industries will be used for security and defence projects.

EAT's product lineup includes the redefined and electrified Land Rover Series IIA, which has been developed at the company's technical centre in Oxfordshire, and incorporates a brand-new EV powertrain designed by the company's expert team of industry specialists from world-leading OEMs.

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