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Over 400 images, lavishly produced, large-formatted and 'under the skin' imagery of the F40's componentry are some of the reasons to invest in this book.

22 Sep 2022 | International News : Italy

Are you a fan of the legendary Ferrari F40? If petrol runs through your veins, the answer should be a resounding 'yes'. Good news for you if that is the case, as 'F40: A comprehensive look at one of Ferrari's greatest and most revered cars', has been released.

The book boasts lavish production, large-format, and extensive illustration with over 400 images, including factory production, racing and 'under the skin' imagery showing the F40's race-car like componentry.

Are you a Ferrari nerd? With over 400 images and imagery of every minute detail, this may just be the book for you
You can be rest assured that the material is trustworthy too, since it is written by Ferrari Marque Expert Keith Bluemel.

Interviews with Nicola Materazzi, widely regarded as the father of the F40, and Dario Benuzzi, the Ferrari F40's development driver, can be found in the book.

The book on the F40 has a price of $110, which is not an inconsiderable amount of money for a book. However, do bear in mind that books that go into such deep detail into the venerable F40 are rarer than hen's teeth.

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