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Alitheon's patented FeaturePrint technology creates one of a kind fingerprints for items that allows for identification without changes to them.

23 Sep 2022 | International News : U.S.A

BMW i Ventures has announced a lead investment in a $14 million Series A round for Alitheon, an Optical AI technology company. The company's FeaturePrint technology quickly and easily digitises physical objects for irrefutable identification, authentication, tracing, and eliminates misidentification and misuse of items.

Counterfeits are a $3.2 trillion annual problem that continues to grow globally. By using additive and antiquated solutions, such as stickers, barcodes and QR codes, to identify items, companies place themselves at high risk of losing traceability and facing counterfeits.

Fingerprints are created for objects with, with the purpose of identification for future use and tackling of counterfeit products
Alitheon's patented FeaturePrint technology creates for items what fingerprints are for people - a one of a kind, unique identifier that does not require any changes to the item. By capturing an item's image with a standard off the shelf camera, the FeaturePrint Optical AI 'sees' and renders minuscule surface details of the item into its own unique profile.

This enables effective identification of the item among millions like it, ensuring product authenticity and provenance.

Alitheon is solving identification, authentication, and traceability challenges across multiple industries, including automotive, aerospace, collectibles, industrial manufacturing, luxury goods, medical and precious metals. Its technology is already being used by multiple customers and has been integrated into global operations.

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