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Italian car firm AEHRA, a new global ultra premium electric brand, has unveiled the first images of its first SUV model.

23 Sep 2022 | International News : Italy

AEHRA, a new global ultra premium electric automotive brand, has revealed exclusive preview images of its SUV model ahead of unveiling the final vehicle design and name next month.

The images depict a design different to that of any vehicle currently on the market, and offer a glimpse of the AEHRA SUV's low front end, expanded cabin size, sophisticated flowing profile and dynamic rear. 

The AEHRA SUV will be fully revealed next month, with a sedan to follow in February 2023
Filippo Perini, AEHRA's Head of Design, claims that the brand was launched 'to unlock the full design potential afforded by cutting edge EV platform technology in a manner not previously seen'. In a world chock-full of SUVs, it would certainly take a very strong effort from AEHRA to stand strong in the market.

AEHRA will follow the SUV with the reveal of a sedan model in February 2023. Deliveries to customers of both models are expected to commence in 2025.

With substantial private funding in place, AEHRA has established a clear roadmap to deliver its unique, transformative business model. A strategic model roll out is planned for key markets in 2025, including North America, Europe, China, and the Gulf States.

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