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For $1,000 a week, Polestar Singapore is offering customers a first-hand experience of Polestar ownership through a seven-day Polestar trial.

26 Sep 2022 | Local News : Singapore

Polestar Singapore is now offering customers a first hand experience of EV ownership through a seven day Polestar trial for just $1,000 a week, with the Standard Range Single Motor variant of the Polestar 2.

This gives EV curious customers an opportunity to experience the ins and outs of EV ownership before deciding to purchase a Polestar.

Customers who have finished the trial and decide to purchase the Polestar 2 will have $1,000 deducted from the purchase price
Polestar Singapore believes that this can potentially help them realise that any concerns regarding charging and other areas may be unfounded.

For those who confirm their purchase of a Polestar 2 within a month after their trial, Polestar Singapore will then offset the cost of the trial ($1,000) from the purchase price.

If you are interested in signing up for the Polestar trial, head over here.

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