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Republic Auto is offering 15% off for its car services which include comprehensive luxury grooming and paintwork protection packages until 30 November 2022.

01 Oct 2022 | Local News : Singapore

Republic Auto is offering a 15% discount off its car services. These include car servicing, luxury grooming and paintwork protection. For car servicing, the pricing for Asian and Continental cars will be $83 and $100 respectively. The servicing will include the use of up to four litres of 5W-30 Premium Synthetic Engine oil, change of genuine oil filter and a 33-point car check.

The luxury grooming package is priced from $125 and includes numerous treatments such as blackening of exterior trim and tyress, claying of painted surfaces and cleaning of all glass panels. Paintwork protection options are also available, with total wheel and paint protection pricing starting from $253 and nano graphene premium coating from $423.

For more details about the above mentioned services and to book an appointment, do head over their promotion page here.

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