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The collaboration between Bentley and 'The Surgeon' has resulted in a special Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid, which features Satin Bronze accents.

06 Dec 2022 | International News : U.S.A

A bespoke Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid, curated by 'The Surgeon', a leader in the customised shoe industry, famed for his fusion of high fashion and street culture.

The car has been unveiled by Bentley at the brand's event during Art Basel Miami. The car follows the launch of a limited edition line of Bentley inspired sneakers by Dominic Ciambrone, who is also known as 'The Surgeon'.

The special Flying Spur Hybrid features a duo-tone paint finish of Anthracite over Anthracite Satin
A visit to Bentley's Mulliner division in early 2022 inspired him to create a limited run of 10 pairs of bespoke sneakers, featuring Bentley craft signatures such as diamond quilting and cross stitching, as well as his signature 'Surgeon' skull and scalpel monogram.

The Flying Spur Hybrid x The Surgeon uses an impactful exterior palette in a combination parallel to his own brand aesthetic. Ciambrone chose a duo-tone paint finish of Anthracite over Anthracite Satin.

The monochromatic palette is relieved by the sparing use of Satin Bronze, which appears on the lower front, side and rear bumper. A bespoke Satin Bronze pinstripe features on the full length of the car, while the 22-inch Satin Anthracite wheels feature a Satin Bronze pinstripe around the outer rim.

The Bentley rotating display's panel in walnut veneer possesses a 'Surgeon' namestyle in gold overlay
Inside, the upholstery features linen as the main hide on the seats, doors and lower fascia. A secondary hide colour, Beluga, features on the fascia top, centre through-console and rear parcel shelf. Contrast stitching in Bronze features on the seats, seat piping and in a cross-stitch pattern on the steering wheel.

Walnut veneer adorns the cabin, along with contrasting finishes; the upper veneer is open pore Crown Cut Walnut, giving a tactile satin finish, while the lower veneer is in High Gloss Crown Cut Walnut and features a laser-etched repeat motif of 'The Surgeon' logo, the skull and crossed scalpel.

The Bentley rotating display in the centre of the fascia offers a choice of three faces; analogue dials, digital display or walnut veneer. When displaying the latter, the namestyle 'Surgeon' is seen in gold overlay.

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