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Mercedes is providing a preview of the new fully electric and fully fledged micro camper van based on the EQT, which is equipped with numerous innovations.

07 Dec 2022 | International News : Germany

Mercedes has revealed the Concept EQT Marco Polo, which is based on the long-wheelbase EQT variant. The concept vehicle, which is currently close to production, provides a teaser of the new, fully electric and fully fledged micro camper.

The equipment of the Concept EQT Marco Polo includes a pop-up roof with a roof bed. Thanks to a scissor design, the pop-up roof can be raised easily with a slight angle of inclination to the vehicle roof.

The Concept EQT Marco Polo is based on the long-wheelbase version of the EQT
The roof bed has a sleeping area that measures 1.97m by 0.97m. A point-elastic disc spring system ensures high levels of sleeping comfort.

In the rear, there is a further folding sleeping facility measuring 2m by 1.15m. Directly in the second row of seats behind the driver's seat, there is an element with a recessed washing facility and a recessed 16-litre compressor refrigerator box.

A convenient feature of the car is that furniture units in the interior can be removed easily by two people in less than five minutes. This means that the fully electric micro camper van can be used as an everyday vehicle if required. With its height of less than two metres, it can easily enter all conventional garages, multi-storey car parks and car washes.

The rear of the Concept EQT Marco Polo has a folding sleeping facility
The Concept EQT Marco Polo also features a solar panel on the pop-up roof. This and an additional removable battery unit allow the camping unit to be self-sufficient in energy for a certain period of time, and conserve range. The additional battery is stored in a drawer in the seat during use.

The concept possesses the same electric motor as the EQT, with a peak output of 120bhp and a torque figure of 245Nm. The lithium-ion battery sits in a crash-protected location in the underbody in front of the rear axle, and has a usable capacity of 45kWh.

At work, home or at public charging stations, the EQT can be conveniently charged at 22kW with alternating current using the onboard charger. The EQT is also equipped with an 80kW direct current charger, which allows the battery to be charged from 10 to 80% in 38 minutes.

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